June 19, 2024

Indie singer-songwriter Drew Pulliam is celebrating a major milestone in his promising young career with the release of his debut EP 16 Going On 60, today, Friday, June 30. The 18-year-old musician and artist has crafted a collection of songs that captures the essence of growing up and all the changes that come with it. Stream the brand new EP now and watch the just released music video for his latest single “Little Things” here

The EP marks a new chapter for the Arkansas native who will be heading to college at The Delta Music Institute this fall. His journey to adulthood sparked the inspiration for the six-track project which covers wide-reaching themes that listeners of all ages can relate to. With help from Mississippi hitmaker Steve Azar and notable musicians Chad Cromwell (drums), Kenny Greenberg (guitar), Barry Bays (bass) and Jonathan Yudkin (cello) Drew’s thoughtful lyrics have been brought to life in a cohesive and introspective collection. From the closing ballad, “Fight Our All” to the stripped-down title track “16 Going On 60,” and the brand new “Little Things” and “January,” Drew is tackling all of life’s journeys head-on. 

Whether writing music, performing in theater, or making movies with his friends, Drew Pulliam always had a knack for storytelling. Spending much of his time at the local theater his mother ran in his hometown of Jonesboro, Arkansas, Drew honed his craft for creativity early. Surrounded by the stories of people around him, he found inspiration within the lives of others and himself. 

Now, as Drew reaches adulthood he’s reflecting on what he’s learned and looking forward to what’s next. “The stories I remember hearing as a kid, I see with adult eyes now. Although it’s tricky to express the intensity of these stories, music has always been my way through. So far, the keys and my guitar have helped me retell the importance of what I’ve heard all my life.” With even more new music on the horizon, live shows and a growing, loyal fanbase, Drew shows no signs of slowing down. 

16 Going On 60 Tracklist

  1. “Sweet Alyssa” (Drew Pulliam, Steve Azar)
  2. “16 Going On 60” (Drew Pulliam, Steve Azar)
  3. “Little Things” (Drew Pulliam)
  4. “January” (Drew Pulliam)
  5. “2007” (Drew Pulliam)
  6. “Fight Our All” (Drew Pulliam, Caroline Pulliam, Steve Azar)

Stream 16 Going On 60 now 

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