May 22, 2024
Photo Credit: @acaciaevans

What inspired you to pursue music at such a young age?

Hilary Duff was the first “idol” I had growing up where I was like, “I want to do THAT!” Acting and performing my songs for thousands of people was the dream built into my head at like 5 years old. My parents let me pursue music as a career at such a young age and I’m so grateful for that.

How would you describe your musical style?

I feel like my musical style is constantly evolving, but it all comes back to meaningful lyrics surrounded by music that makes you feel something. If I want the song to feel like an escape, it will have more of an energetic and fun vibe. If the song is sad and brooding, I like raw piano ballads. I’m pretty inspired by the 80s, but I also love hip hop and jazzy melodies.

What artists do you look up to right now?

Right now I’m really digging Panic! At the Disco (as always), Qveen Herby, Miguel, Anne-Marie, and Ariana Grande. Pop and Hip Hop are just dominating my playlists at the moment!

You recently released your new single “White Noise” and it’s gotten an amazing reaction from your supporters, what has been your thought about the reaction of the new single?

“White Noise” is a bit of a different style than what I’ve released in the past, and I wasn’t sure how people would react. The positive feedback has been awesome because it’s so encouraging to feel like I can express the multiple sides of my art. My hope is that my songs are cohesive, but don’t all sound the same.

Can you tell us the meaning behind “White Noise”? How did the idea for this song come about?

I wrote “White Noise” with two of my favorite women to work with and we could all relate to this idea! I had wanted to write a song called “White Noise” for a while, but kept waiting for the right room to bring the idea into. The song is about being completely infatuated with someone, whether it’s a new love or just an all-consuming love, and all 3 of us were able to relate to those feelings.

What is it like having your music played on Radio Disney?

Oh my goodness…absolute dream come true. No lie, I have been rehearsing the Disney one-liners since I was in elementary school. “Hi, this is Maddy Newton and you’re listening to my new single, right here, on Radio Disney!” That is a moment I will never forget.

How do you want your relationship to be with your supporters?

I’ve been on social media (YouTube) since I was 14 years old, building relationships with people online. I have never desired to be one of the “untouchable” artists, but more of a friend with people that support me. They listen to my music, watch my videos, and send me messages, which is taking time to get to know me. I want to get to know them!

What social media platform do you use most to stay connected to your supporters?

Instagram is my favorite right now just because I like how personal you can get. If someone sends me a message or writes a sweet comment, I can go to their page and get to know them. I also love being goofy on stories, while still having the ability to create more thought out content for the feed.

Are there any other projects in the works you can tell us about?

There is a new music video coming soon…and I have new songs that I can’t wait to release!

Do you have any last things you want to tell your supporters?

I just want to tell them that they are awesome, and all of their messages and posts make my day. I am so grateful for the fact that people actually care about the songs I create. I feel that music is my calling, and having support makes it all worthwhile. Thank you friends! ❤️ M