June 19, 2024

Photo Provided Courtesy of Block Entertainment

Ainsley Hutto from Teen Music Insider sits down with IAMSYDNEYB for an exclusive interview to chat about how she got started in music, her passions and influences, and her latest single ‘Beautiful’.

IAMSYDNEYB is one of the most innovative and creative artists to emerge from Atlanta, Georgia. She is a singer and songwriter from a city with a rich musical history that has allowed her to create her own sound and style that sets her apart from other pop artists of the same genre.

Having an unrivaled understanding of human nature, IAMSYDNEYB can create music that can be considered rare and capture life elements in a way that few other artists can do in such a way.

As a writer, she has a true gift for creating songs that are relatable to her fans and resonate with them deeply. Undoubtedly, IAMSYDNEYB’s music always stands out because she always puts her own spin on things, whether it’s writing for her fans about pursuing happiness, heartbreak, loyalty, or just hanging out with her girls.

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