May 29, 2024

Hi I.Am.Tru.Starr! Thanks for spending some time with us today!

All love. Thanks for having me…hope everyone reading this is having a great day too!

Share your latest release with our readers and the story behind it!

I’m from Rochester, NY. And it’s a cold place in more ways than one. And when living in an environment like that, you develop an idea of what life is about. And you start living life on those terms. Taking whatever may come with that kind of life. Prison, death, etc… fast forward after you’ve gone through all of that. Now I’m living in Vegas. I’m a father. Another one on the way, lol, and realizing what life truly is about. And I’m so appreciative of it. The good that is and the bad that was. All of it. So VIVA is about the appreciation of life because any day we can lose it. I say so many people are only happy or thankful when they have money. I’m thankful when I breathe. Because tomorrow is not promised and today is not guaranteed. VIVA!

Any mantras before hitting the stage? 

Nope. I just go do my thing. No need for the extras. I was made for the stage

What are you listening for when listening to new music? 

Bars…soul. I want to hear if the artist really means the words their singing. That’s why some songs are really well written from a lyrical standpoint but lack feel because there’s no connection between the artist and the words. That’s that authenticity thing you can’t fake. I want to hear and feel that you mean it.

What does the music industry need more of? 

The industry needs more executives with actual music backgrounds. Not just business. They have to start hiring more people who understand art and artists. It needs balance. It can’t be all numbers. It needs more focus on real art and real music. Not just trends.

100 years from now, how do you want to be remembered?

Just how everyone else hopes to be remembered…as one of the greats. Or at least be remembered as one of the richest lol. I’ll go for that too. 

What keeps you going? 

My family and the people. My music may not be super popular yet, but it means a lot to some people. And that’s the stuff that keeps me going.

Night owl or morning person?

I’m a full blood vampire for real. Night owl all the way.

Do you have a new attitude for 2021? 

Yup…VIVA everything. VIVA Clothing. VIVA House Records. VIVA the album OUT NOW!!! 

Which platforms are most active on and how do our readers stay connected with you? 

Mostly I’m on Instagram and Twitter 

IG: @IamTruStarr

Twitter: @IamTruStarr

Website ( talking to family. Not fans but family. 

And that’s where the clothing is, so definitely head over to:

Love y’all 

Thank you for your time!!

And thank y’all. Much love…VIVA is out now on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and everywhere else music lives.

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