April 17, 2024

As most of you know, 16-year-old Vine star, Hayes Grier was involved in a serious dirt bike accident on Thursday July 28, 2016. Hayes was rushed to the hospital where he suffered from a concussion, two fractured top ribs, and a bruised lung. Luckily, the Vine star has had lots of rest and is recovering just fine.


Grier took to Twitter a day after the accident to address his situation saying, “Doing good guys, little banged up but we’ll be alright. Part of having fun.” What a relief!


He later took to Twitter to give a few little updates on how he is doing. “Hopped out the hospital quick. Ya feel me. #thankgod scary”, followed by, “Bout time to do something fun, Done nothing but sleep and had doctors put needles in me. I’m straight off all that. Smile, move forward.”


We are so glad that you are feeling like your old self again and ready to begin doing fun things again, Hayes!


Lastly, he tweeted a little information about how exactly the accident happened saying, “I was givin her the berries over a jump in my backyard, shifted up one on accident. I had too many berries. And went a little 2 far. ”


Nothing but love, support, and well wishes has been making its way to Hayes and his family since the accident. What an amazing fan base you have there, Hayes! We will be sure to continue to send lots and lots of prayers your way, and hope that you are up and feeling 100% again in no time. Please stay safe, Hayes and hope you’re up and feeling better in no time! Don’t forget to keep sending well wishes to the Grier family during this very fragile time and don’t forget to keep checking back for more daily news on your favorite celebrities. Have a good day, everyone!