May 22, 2024

Can you tell us a little something about each of you?

Well… we’re both a little quirky. Sayre loves crime mysteries and can take you on a decadent fast-food softdrink crawl… the girl knows which chains have the best Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite etc etc. I (Shea) am a bit of a music nerd and I’m usually spending my free-time trying to figure out how to prank one of my 3 sisters.

What inspired you guys to pursue music?

Our parents! Everyone is a musician or an avid music lover. Dad plays drums, sax, keys.. Mom is a great songwriter and our favorite singer. Fun fact, Mom cut her record with the Swampers at Muscle Shoals Sound back in the day!

What is it like being in a duo with your brother/sister?

It’s usually easy and occasionally trying haha. We’ve been close friends our whole lives so we get along alright! We only argue over petty brother/sister stuff

How would you describe your musical style as a duo?

We listened to a huge variety growing up and that definitely comes out in our writing. Sayre grew up on Rascal Flats and Taylor Swift. Being the older brother, I grew up listening to 90s pop and rock, as well as the classics that our parents played in their band. Patsy Cline, Aretha Franklin… we’re a mix of every bit of it and we aren’t afraid to show it.

What artists do you guys look up to right now?

Chris Stapleton, Taylor Swift, Kacey Musgraves, Donald Glover Jr!

The music video for the debut single reached #1 on the CMT 12 Pack Countdown. How did you find out about the music video being included in the CMT 12 Pack Countdown?

We got to meet the folks at CMT here in Nashville. Leslie Fram and her team (hey Stacey!) are such champions of up and comers… they loved the song, they loved the video, and they put it on air to see what would happen. The rest, as they say….

What was your reaction like when you learned about this huge accomplishment? & What do you hope to gain out of this huge accomplishment?

Well we were thrilled, we had friends from home sending us videos and pictures of us with the #1 logo in the corner… pretty cool experience. We hope it’s the first of many! We’re planning on another video later this fall for what will be our 4th single, keep your eyes peeled 😉

You guys just recently released your new single, “Centerline”. Can you tell us how this song came about and the meaning of the song?

We set out with our co-writer Kenneth (Duncan) to write a summertime brother/sister duet… let me tell you, it’s harder than you might think! People are always pitching us normal guy-girl duets to sing, and we’re like “uuuuuuugh hey…. love the song but…. no, we can’t sing this, we’re siblings!”. Hahah I feel like we pulled it off. The song is just about she and I hitting the road with no plans or worries, just open air and lots of laughs. It’s a typical road trip for us, except we left out the part where Sayre sleeps half the trip. In the end it’s really about 2 friends who always have each other to lean on… that’d be us! There are 4 of us (I’m the only boy + 3 sisters) and we’re all close.

Are their any other projects in the works you can tell us about?

Sayre wrote an AMAZING song with our friend Taylor Phillips (Hurricane – Luke Combs) that we plan to release later this year. We just got the recording back from Mastering and we’re so excited to share it. As with “Centerline” we recorded it ourselves with our guitarist/engineer Cody Smith. We can’t wait to get it out.

Why do you think social media is so important for singers today?

It’s the lifeblood of the music scene. You can reach people all over the world now from your cell phone.

How do you want your relationship to be with your fans?

We’re just 2 normal people who like to cut up and laugh. Say hey to us! We want to know what you’re up to and how you like the music 🙂

What was the craziest fan encounter you have had?

In Iowa we met a fan who has just simply had a rough life… problems caused by a bad accident that affects her body and mind. She came up to us and felt comfortable enough to just open up immediately. It was sweet and we loved getting to know her.

What social media platform do you use most to stay connected to your fans?

Instagram! We both have personal pages (@sayrehenley @sheahenley) as well as the band page @wearehenley. Keep tabs on us! We’re more prone to show our goofy side on our personal pages, and sis always has good pics of the pups on there. (Our dog lives with her)

What’s an average day like for you guys?

Well, for sis it’s waking up early for a Red Line gym session. Then writing and recording during the day, playing or going out to support our friends at night. For me it’s the same except I like to sleep in. I’m usually up playing drums late at night!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years in your career and personal life?

We hope to continue to travel the US playing shows! It’s just what we love to do. Maybe I’ll own a house by then.

How has this whole music career experience been?

Well… full of incredible highs and loooow lows. Mom talks about a song a friend of hers wrote called “Are You Ready for the Heartache?” And it’s fairly appropriate. Garth Brooks was LEAVING town when he decided to give it one more shot. It’s a rollercoaster, that’s for sure.

Do you have any advice for aspiring music artists?

Stay true to yourself! Practice, write and sing songs that mean something to you. There is no shortcut to success. You’ll see friends and colleagues getting signed, making moves, while you’re still grinding it out and nothing seems to be going your way. You HAVE to stick it out and give it your best, like anything in life 🙂 One day you might wake up with a #1 video on CMT!

Do you have any last things you want to tell your supporters?

Thank you SO much for making our music a part of your lives. We can’t wait to meet you and bring you more!!!

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview 🙂

THANK YOU – Shea and Sayre