July 19, 2024

If Joan Jett and Danyell Souza of Dead Posey had a lovechild, it would be The Key of F. The all-female rock band consisting of frontwoman Andie K. and multi-instrumentalist Marie Pettit have just released their first single “LIES” on all streaming platforms.

The post- breakup-punk rock tune was co-written by Andie K and Pettit, and produced by Alexx Calise and Dennis Morehouse of Batfarm. 

This is Andie K’s first foray into writing her own songs, although she has been a vocalist for many years. Marie Pettit is no stranger to band life and was previously in the goth rock band, Sinister Sirens. The two are also entertainment industry vets, having starred in various TV commercials and shows over the years. Together they are finding a harmonious blend of rock, punk, goth and a hint of rockabilly in their musical style.

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