April 13, 2024

Hi FIAA! Thanks for chatting with us today!

First I’d like to start off by congratulating you on the release of your new single “One Day”, we just love the song! So thank you for taking the time to chat with us, we’re fans already! Can you actually start off by telling us how the idea for this song came about?

Thank you so much, I wrote the song with two amazing musicians who are now friends “Rag N bone man and Ben Jackson Cook. We all came together in the studio this time last year and I told them about an argument that I had with a best friend, I had been best friends with this friend for at least 20 years, we had grown up together and we had both gone through the care system, we had a special bond. When I went home to continue to develop the song I later released the lyrics related to all children in care, we all have a special bond that has helped us get through hard times. The song stands for EQUALITY overall though, something I strongly believe about. 

You are planning to split the proceeds of your new single among many charities as well including Children In Need, Action For Children UK, Barnardo’s and PWSA UK. Can you tell us what these charities mean to you and why you choose to donate the proceeds of this single?

I am, the reason I am doing this is because we are in such hard times and I want to give to children’s charities as much as I possibly can, each charity gives care and help to the children of today, the children of today are our future! we must teach them to be the best version of themselves and more than anything to be kind and strong and not alone so i wanted to do my part to teach that. 

Is there a song you are currently listening to on repeat?

There is but it is unreleased atm, it is from a well known artist who gave me the song to listen to and i just can’t wait for them to release it, I am also listening to a song called Layla by Cotonete, i’m learning it for an upcoming performance and its utterly beautiful, it is in the style of Jazz which I have a lot of love for. 

Who was your first concert?

It was either Britain’s got talent for George Sampson or N Dubz, I used to be such a big fan of both!

When did you become a music lover and what does music bring to your life?

My first words were singing, I never spoke, I sung haha, I must have been this really annoying kid singing all the time, I became fully invested in music when I was in year 7, I was picked on at school for my voice as it was so big and deep but it didn’t stop me, I then went into foster care and I didn’t leave the house for quite a few months as i was settling in there and changing schools so l just learnt lots of covers, then I joined school and music class in September and started to write songs and the rest is history. 

Who has been your greatest influence?

Amy Winehouse, when I was picked on at school for my voice it was because I didn’t have a voice that sounded like anyone in the charts but then Amy hit the radios with her incredible Deep vocals and I started to get recognition, she has just musically inspired me ever since. 

Who was your first celebrity crush?

George Sampson from Britain’s got talent, the one that won with his singing in the rain performance, I was crazy for him haha. 

What is your favorite holiday dish?

I don’t think I have a go to dish but I love a fry up from the airport and then I love a holiday snack like Lays, cheetos, Milka and Lemon Fanta. 

What are you most thankful for?

I am most thankful for the people in my life that love me, for having a passion and purpose with music and for happy days. 

Please tell our readers how they can stay up to date with you!

They can follow me on instagram and Facebook @officiallyfiaa 

They can also check me out on spotify, apple music, youtube ect. 

Thank you for your time!

Thank you so much! You guys are amazing!