May 29, 2024


Reintroducing groundbreaking college creative network Quadio – a multi-faceted collective that has made an unforgettable entrance at the intersection of the arts, entertainment, and tech world this year. Quadio brings together college-level creatives by maintaining a finger on the pulse of current, cutting edge youth culture while also tapping leaders in the media and music industry. By-way-of their trademark social media app as well as virtual events, panels, and clubs, Quadio bridges the gap between what’s fan-facing and what happens behind-the-scenes by positioning education and community at the forefront for its 13K+ college creatives from more than 900+ schools across the country, and beyond. Notable users on the app include 24kGoldn, Ayoni, Tiffany Day, UMI, among others.

In the wake of the pandemic which shut down both schools and live events, Quadio faced a brief dilemma. But this did not eliminate the fundamental problem Quadio was trying to solve – emerging artists’ difficulty finding collaborators and fans, and their access to educational resources in an array of areas. Nor did it eliminate what the Quadio founders believed to be the solution to that problem: the power of community. With an unmatched business model and the determination to connect the dots for many who otherwise felt isolated during this unprecedented time, Quadio is set to wrap up the year on an incredibly high note.

On December 2nd, Quadio will host their heralded ‘Profesh Sesh’ – a series of conversations and Q&As with world-renowned music industry professionals and a rare chance to gather insight about the music industry straight from the source. As the final session of the year, it only made sense to invite Adam Alpert, CEO of Sony Entertainment’s Disruptor Records, who Quadio partnered with to create Quadio Records earlier this year, also manages The Chainsmokers, and was selected as one of Billboard’s Power 100 list for 2017 and 2018. The event kicks off at 8PM ET and tickets are available for $10, here:

Hosted by Abir Hossain (VP of Quadio Records) via Zoom, Quadio’s past ‘Profesh Sesh’ guests include industry legends Wyclef Jean (rapper, musician, and producer) and Madeline Nelson (music industry executive, founder of HEADS Music, and Wyclef Jean’s manager), as well as music industry titan and former EVP of A&R at Interscope Records, Dave Rene (Zedd, Kelsey Ly, Radian Children, Boylife, Lophiile) and founder of independent creative record label NO TRICKS.

In addition, the collective has spent the year hosting songwriting and production clubs for college students across the country. Their standard creative clubs run for 4-6 weeks and are made up of weekly group meetings, collaborative writing prompts, and a bunch of awesome performance opportunities. This winter break, Quadio is kicking it up a notch with their first ever Winter Songwriting Retreat. It’s the full club experience packed into a single weekend of community-building and music creation, featuring networking events, writing room pairings, and group feedback sessions – all culminating in an Open Mic Night event for artists to perform for one another. The retreat kicks off December 18th – 20th and is free to sign up, here:

“Our recent clubs and open mic nights have seen such tremendous success, resulting in a ton of outstanding music and countless new collaborations and friendships. We knew we wanted to take advantage of the downtime that students will have over this winter break and create a really special space for them to connect and create,” said Miranda Martell, Quadio’s Chief Growth Officer. “It’s thrilling to get to build a platform where artists from around the country can come together to make music and make friends. That’s why Quadio exists!”

This month, Quadio also welcomes hannah hausman to the official Quadio Records roster. The LA-based and Nashville-raised indie pop singer-songwriter is no stranger to the Quadio app among other social media platforms, like TikTok, to drive her project forward. She spent her youth searching for new music online and convincing her parents to drive her to concerts to see her favorite artists. It’s no surprise the rising act has a knack for collaborating with others worldwide and has released music with Munn, Nextlife, RYANVIII, and more. hannah hausman now has nearly 50K monthly listeners on Spotify and over 1M collective streams across DSPs on her debut hit “lost in brooklyn.”

Quadio Records VP, Abir Hossain, dishes on the new signing, “I first heard Hannah on Quadio in the Spring and was blown away by her voice. It’s so special and completely captivating, while sounding different than anything else I’ve ever heard before. She fully pulls you in with her sound and the very relatable stories she’s telling with her songwriting. As soon as we launched Quadio Records, I knew that she had to be one of the artists we entered into 2021 with.”

Quadio Records – a strategic partnership with Sony Entertainment’s Disruptor Records – is an independent label that champions the next generation of recording artists. Based in New York City, the label seeks out multidisciplinary creatives with a point of view, taking a hands-on approach to developing and sharing their vision with the world. Quadio Records also offers music management and publishing services that provide creative support, sync licensing, and administrative assistance for writers and producers.


Quadio was started by Joe Welch (who initially pursued producing) and Marcus Welch (who initially pursued A&R and worked in Twitter’s music partnerships team with such artists as Lizzo, Erykah Badhu, and Pusha T) as they embarked on music internships in New York City together. Their shared gripe was how hard it was for musicians to get discovered and thus the idea of Quadio first started brewing. It was in 2018 when they kicked off in full force. By the beginning of 2020, the Quadio app was nearly completed, and in its Beta phase, thanks to the work of the road team and the Campus Rep organization, college artists had uploaded tens of thousands of tracks, igniting the platform’s charts. At the same time, given the very promising early reception of the product from artists, brand partners, and investors, the company’s Chief Growth Officer, Miranda Martell, had put together a million-dollar, multi-faceted launch campaign, based largely on live events in college towns around the country. It was slated to go live on March 16th. Then, well, you know…

Quadio took these battles face on and reinvented itself for the betterment of the community and the industry at large. The Quadio 2.0 app will be released in early 2021, with less streaming and more social functionality for collaboration, opportunity, and exposure for creatives. Quadio has added a new division dedicated to digitally facilitated community-building activities, such as its immensely popular songwriting clubs and the new production club being announced. Opportunities for exposure, often brand sponsored, have been heavily augmented, with the addition of more contests that award cash prizes and mentorship sessions. And finally, in August, the company launched Quadio Records and Management (distributed via Sony’s Disruptor Records), a label under the leadership of A&R veteran, Abir Hossain, that is designed to discover, develop, and promote the most exciting college talent in the country.