April 20, 2024

How did you guys become a band?

We were a part of a big group of friends who we’re obsessed with music and we’d spend most nights in our friend’s basement playing covers. When we started writing our own songs, we decided to start a band! 

How did you guys come up with the name Fairview? 

In high school we met Tom Higgenson, lead singer of Plain White T’s on a street called Fairview in Chicago. Now we’re signed as the first band on his new record label!

What do you guys like about being a part of a band?

Honestly we all love playing music every night, but being on tour with three of your best friends, traveling from city to city is so fun. We have so many inside jokes built up from being together so much! Touring has been a blast, because we also get to meet so many amazing people and do what we love every night. 

Can you tell us a little bit about each of you?

Sure! We’re all from the suburbs of Chicago. We (Matt and Lizzy) met in grade school when we were only in like 5th grade. We started dating sophomore year of high school and would always play music together just in a big group of friends, and met Becca in high school. We went to college to study music for one year, and actually met Shawn in that short time. So for sure everything happens for a reason. We’re all just great friends with so much in common (our love for Disney, Starbucks and Chipotle) and it makes this whole thing so fun. 

How would you describe your musical style?

We call it “dream pop.” Our music is made up of duet vocal harmonies between Matt and Lizzy mixed with catchy guitar lines and heart felt lyrics. The love songs are definitely influenced by our relationship. We’ve actually been dating for 7 years, so it’s been a huge part of our music and what Fairview is.

What artists do you look up to right now?

For sure two of our biggest influences have been Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. We all just love them as songwriters and performers, and have been listening to their music from the start of their careers. 

You’ll be releasing “Our Little Secret” off your debut EP, how did the song get created?

We wrote this song based off one line- “let’s make tonight our little secret.” We (Lizzy and Matt) co-wrote it with Tom and it was really just a joint effort. When we first sent over the voice memo for the idea, we didn’t feel like it was our best work. But the next day Tom called us like holy crap this is like your first single, it’s so good. And we were kinda shocked. A few voice memos and writing sessions later, we had this song that we felt was the best we had written so far.

Can you tell us the meaning behind “Our Little Secret”?

Of course! So I think the whole meaning behind this song is about taking chances and living in the moment…because today a lot of what we post online is about showing other people what we’re up to. Don’t get us wrong we’re big time Instagram users… haha but every now and then there’s a night that is just so fun that you don’t even need to post about it. It’s even more special being kept to yourself. So this song reflects that kind of night. 

How did the idea for this song come about?

So when we first started working with Tom, his friends would ask him about us and who we are and for a while he kind of kept it to himself. Our producer Dan asked him why he kept us so much of a secret in the beginning and that sparked the idea. Tom told us we had to write a song called “Our Little Secret” because it sounded like the perfect album title. So we did!

This single is the first single off your debut EP,Our Little SecretWhat’s the theme for this EP?

The theme is about love, and living in the moment. All the songs in one way or another expresses different sides of love- whether it be loving someone and not being able to take your eyes off them, or enjoying the time in your life you have with them, or even finding it hard to keep loving someone, we think it’s a reflection of raw emotions that come out when you love someone. And being in a relationship ourselves, the inspiration was right there.

Any fun moments while creating the EP?

So many. Our producer Dan is probably the funniest guy you will ever meet. There were so many recording sessions that we would just spend more time cracking up than actually getting work done. But that’s what makes it so fun. It never feels like a job.

What’s been your favorite song to write & record and why?

So far our favorite song to write has been “Life in Your Years.” It was the very first song that we wrote with Tom Higgenson and it catapulted us into everything that would come next! We were so nervous and excited to write with someone whose music we loved so much!

What song are you most excited to perform from this new EP? 

We are so stoked to be performing “Our Little Secret.” We’ve played it at a few shows so far and people seem to instantly connect to it

What does it feel like to perform your own music live in front of your supporters?

It’s really humbling. There are people who have been coming out to our shows since we first started. And back then we had like NO music out. And whenever we perform, just getting to see people’s reactions and then later hear their stories of how they connect with the songs is just the best feeling. We’re so lucky to have people who support our sound, and us as people. They for sure make us better and are the reason we get to keep going.

What are you most looking forward to while touring with Plain White T’sand Ocean Park Standoff?

Whenever we’ve played shows with the T’s it’s like touring with family. We’ve only ever done one-off shows with them, so we think just being on the road with those guys will be incredible. And since a lot of their fans are obviously in love with acoustic music, we can’t wait to meet them all and show them our music.

How do you want your relationship to be with your supporters?

We want to inspire them as much as they inspire us. We’ve had a few people message us after seeing and meeting us saying they started writing music again, or are learning guitar and stuff. And that’s just the coolest feeling. It feels so good knowing we can be that for them, because their support is why we get to do what we do too.

What was the craziest fan encounter you have had?

We had a show in New York early in the year, and one of our fans from Chicago showed up to the show with a Tattoo that she had just gotten that saidFairview!! We were in shock. She is absolutely amazing, her name is Katy.

What social media platform do you use most to stay connected to your supporters?

Instagram has for sure been the easiest way to keep in touch. At all our shows we have a huge sheet of craft paper lining our merch table and always have people come up and sign in after the shows, and leave their Instagram handle. It’s just such an easy way to keep in touch and be able to send people our upcoming shows. We love it. Ours is @thebandfairview!

Are there any other projects in the works you can tell us about?

For sure! Constantly working on new music and just recently started to put a game plan together for our next release. We actually ready have a second EP completely written. Be on the lookout for it this fall.

Do you guys have any last things you want to tell your supporters?

Just a big thank you for their support, and for sticking right there with us this whole time as we grew as artists. We’re so excited to be finally putting this EP into their hands. It’s crazy when you work in something by yourself for so long, you get so attached to it and we’re finally at the point where it’s going to be out there! It’s the best feeling, and we seriously think they’ll love it.