April 20, 2024

Great to catch up with you Kyle! You have a new single dropping today titled “Only One” congrats.  Did you write the song? If so, what was that experience like? The song sounds very personal.

Thank you! I’m incredibly excited to share this one with all of you. Obviously every song feels exciting to release, but this song just feels different. I wrote this song pretty quickly. I remember sitting down at my piano at my family home back on Long Island and just laying out a couple of chords and before I knew it I was singing the first few lyrics of “Only One.” I wrote the song from a pretty fresh, untapped place in my mind. I was just starting to settle into a new relationship and I started thinking about all of the things that make that time period special: the imperfections, the quirks, the things that make that person that you love so special. I wrote the whole song out as a ballad to my girlfriend and I posted it to my Instagram. A few hours later, my friend Gino, who features on the song, shot over a DM asking if he could produce the track. I’ve known Gino for awhile and I know he had the capability to do something really special with the song. Coming together as two artists is what really makes this song special. I think combining my from-the-heart and raw lyrics with Gino’s ability to create a track that takes you somewhere really put this song over the top for me.

Do you get nervous before you release new music or is it more of an excitement for you? 

I think that before I release any new music, I am usually overcome with emotion. There’s something so special about putting that art out into the public and letting it weave its story into somebody else’s life. Obviously, art is subjective, but I think that’s an understatement with music. When you hear a song like Only One, you can internalize that feeling of falling in love and just being caught head-over-heels about somebody so much so that you love something as small as the way that they laugh at all of their own jokes. It’s that kind of personal connection that makes songwriting so emotional for me. I think that, as a songwriter, my most important mission is to capture an experience and pass that along to the listener. Taking somebody back to when they first fell in love or making them feel some way that they may never have felt before? That’s the most exciting thing that I feel when I’m releasing new music.

Was there anyone or anything in particular that pushed you to pursue music?

I think that’s an incredibly important question. Pursuing music certainly is not an easy choice. There aren’t many professions that ask you to take the risks, both mentally and financially, that it takes to pursue music. I think growing up in my house I was always surrounded by music. My dad played the guitar and I can always remember the days when he would sit down and just noodle around the guitar and the house would just feel different. I also remember how much my family LOVED the musical “Rent.” I think from the time I could stand, I was hearing the soundtrack to “Rent” throughout my house. I remember seeing it live and just experiencing how music had the capability to tell a real story. I think one of the most important lessons that I learned as an artist is also the one that I learned the earliest: the most important part of a song is the story that it’s able to tell. Of course there’s something to be said for how music makes you feel or the rhythm or the “musicianship” of it all, but the most important part, to me, is the story. So I think growing up and listening to “Rent” and falling in love with that story is one of the biggest driving factors behind me making the choice to pursue music. 

How did you decide to make this your next release? 

I decided to make this my next release because of the way the song made me feel when I first heard what Gino did with it. I remember listening to this track in the middle of the summer and just feeling overcome by something. I guess if I had to pinpoint that feeling, it was like a wave of relief. I think, especially these days, it’s so easy to feel like the world is beating you down. There’s so much news and so many current events that just start to make you feel a little hopeless. I remember hearing this song and I felt hopeful about a few things. I felt hopeful for a future where people will feel the love that I felt when I wrote the song. I felt hopeful for the moments when people would be able to turn this song on and just feel like they could escape from whatever cycle that they’re in for the next few minutes (or more, if you turn it on repeat wink wink). I think, overall, the track made me feel hopeful because I know there were better days in the past and there will be better days in the future and that’s the message that I hope that this song can convey to anybody who turns it on.

Other than your own, what has been your favorite song released this year? 

MAN that is a tough question. I really do think that we’re in a golden age of music. I think that right now we’re hearing the payoff from the sampling era of music where the concept of genre isn’t really prohibitive anymore. With pop songs on the radio featuring acoustic guitar and enormous electronic synth sounds and crazy 80’s disco sound profiles, I think that it’s hard to find just one song to love. I think one of my favorite songs that I heard this year was F**k, I’m Lonely by Lauv (Ft. Anne-Marie). I think that Lauv has always been one of my favorite artist because of the way that he synthesizes so many influences and styles into his own incredibly unique palette. I remember hearing that song and being like… “F**k, that’s a hit.” The track is so bittersweet and the lyrics just hit home hard enough while still being bubbly and fun and catchy and everything that you want in a pop song. I think it had a huge influence on the production of my last single “Distance” because it’s all about this heavy subject and about how it sucks feeling far-away from everybody, but still just kind of having a good time with it and riding it all out. Definitely a standout in a year where all of the new music feels like it stands out. 

Tell us where we can find you online and get our hands on your new music?

NICE! I love a good plug. The best way to find me online is to follow me on social media. I’m on instagram as @kylejordanmusic, Facebook as Kyle Jordan and Twitter as Kyle Jordan. The best way to stay up to date with my new music is to follow me on Spotify or Apple Music. Each follow means you’ll be one of the first to listen to any new song that I release and, as a side-bonus, it helps me see that people are listening and liking the music that I put out. Every time I check my analytics and get a new follower on Spotify, I cannot even tell you the burst of creativity that it inspires. Knowing that people are connecting with my music like that really lights a fire under me to create create create. And if you REALLY like the aesthetic of my album art and all of the cool creative stuff that I do, the best way to support is by buying merchandise at kylejordanmakesmusic.com/merch!