April 17, 2024

Hey CC! So excited to be chatting with you again. Your new single “The Lucky Ones” has been getting an amazing reaction from your supporters!! What’s been your reaction to all the success the new single has been having?!?

It’s really amazing to see how many people are connecting with the song. I wrote “The Lucky Ones” about growing up in my hometown called Medford Lakes in New Jersey. Medford Lakes is a really unique town. The song is super personal and describes my childhood so accurately that I figured it would only be relatable to the people that grew up here as well. But so far, it seems to be relating to tons of people, which has been really surprising and awesome.

Can you tell us the meaning of the song and how it came about?

I remember the day I wrote “The Lucky Ones”. I was driving with my friends on the first day that felt like summer last year. We were passing all the kids riding their bikes and hanging out at the beach in our town. It was very nostalgic because I couldn’t remember the last time I road my bike or swam in the lakes. Then suddenly it hit me that I probably never would again because I’m seventeen so I have a car for transportation and somehow overtime I decided that cedar water in my hair is gross. So I started writing these lyrics down in the car. I wrote “The Lucky Ones” about being a kid and not realizing how lucky I was at that time. This song is really important to me right now because I just graduated high school and I’m moving onto the next chapter in my life. It’s bittersweet because I’m doing everything I’ve ever dreamed of like releasing music and going on tour. Right now I’m on the “Be Strong” tour around US military bases with some amazing artists, Mackenzie Sol, Ray Goren, and Tori Kay. So far it has been awesome and I’m happy with where things are going. But, sometimes I still miss being a kid.


We are so excited to be premiering the music video for your new single. Can you tell us about the new video & how the idea got created?

When we filmed the lucky ones I teared up multiple times because it was very nostalgic watching the kids recreate the life I had. The lyrics are so incredibly honest, we did in fact fall off our bikes for fun and I definitely had trouble sleeping from all the times I watched Insidious. I wore my actual prom dress in the video, my actual mom featured in the video, I said goodbye to my actual dog Josie, and got in my actual car to leave town. It was filmed in the town I actually grew up in with kids that actually live there now. There were no props or sets because it was all real and that’s the way I wanted it to be. But nonetheless, this was the most fun I ever had filming a music video. Since I just graduated from high school it felt like the perfect time to release this song because my friends and I are leaving this life behind and moving onto the next chapter of our lives. I wanted to document what we had because it was so special and I never want to forget it.

Any fun moments while on the set?

Filming the video was super fun and it was great hanging out with the kids. For one scene they lit sparklers and some of them even did back flips while holding the sparklers which was really cool!

Are there any other projects in the works you can tell us about?

I can’t say too much, but I did announce that I will be releasing new music every 60 days in the future, so there are definitely upcoming projects to look forward to. I’m always hinting toward new released on my social media and YouTube channel. Before this release I even ran a poll to see which song my fans wanted me to release first and I put up a few unreleased songs on Soundcloud for 24 hours. They got to be the first to hear them and there’s a good chance I do that in the future.

Any last things you would like to tell your supporters?

On my social media and YouTube channel I have tons of behind the scenes from making “The Lucky Ones” that I will be posting very soon, so definitely stay tuned!