June 15, 2024
Photo Credit – Anabel Dflux

We are so excited to be premiering your band, Batfarm’s new single, “Now That You’re Gone.” How did the idea for this song come about?

Thank you! “Now That You’re Gone” is an emotive ballad about being left in the wake of a loved one’s suicide. As a sufferer of depression myself, I was trying (lyrically) to bring to light the often uncomfortable subject of suicide and self harm, and the consequences that many loved ones are forced to suffer when someone needlessly takes their own life. We actually wrote the song about 10 years ago, and released it under another band name. It was much more stripped down than it is now. In this new version, there is way more orchestration, and it sounds so much more “epic” than it did before. For a song with such a powerful message, we felt that the production needed to be equally as powerful.

Can you tell us the meaning behind the song?

My bandmate, Dennis Morehouse and I wanted to really paint a picture of the aftermath of suicide, and all the people it affects down the line (beyond the actual person who chooses to take their life). Its release I feel couldn’t be more timely, what with all the talented people we’ve heard about lately who have taken their lives: Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Keith Flint from The Prodigy. Mental illness is pretty rampant in the creative community, and sometimes it isn’t addressed until it is far too late. This song is written from the perspective of someone who has lost someone close to them; the betrayal they feel, the loneliness. There’s no taking something like that back. If we can encourage one person to step back from the ledge, so to speak, then I feel like we’ve done something right.

How excited are you to have “Now That You’re Gone” on the new season of Dance Moms?!?

We’re very excited. I’ve had several solo songs on Dance Moms in the past, and this will be the second placement for Batfarm. I can’t wait to see the dance routine for it. They’ve always done such great choreography with my music in the past, so we’re stoked to see this new cast of dancers work their magic!

Are there any other projects in the works you can tell us about?

Absolutely! I also just released a solo song called “Rise” with production team, Sensitive Robot. “Rise” will also be appearing on Dance Moms too! “Rise” is a song about overcoming adversity and “rising” above your circumstances, no matter how awful or impossible they may seem.

What social media platform do you use most to stay connected to your supporters?

I’m on most all of them, but am most active on Facebook.com/alexxcalisemusic and instagram.com/alexxcalise. Drop me a line and say hello; I love meeting all of you guys!

Why do you think social media is so important for artists today?

I think it’s super important, because you can stay connected with your fans, advertise your shows, merch, music and happenings. We didn’t have all of these outlets that long ago. It used to be so much harder to reach people outside of your local network. Now, you can talk to and promote to people all over the world. It’s pretty amazing.

Do you have any last things to tell your supporters?

Yes! Please check out some of our new t-shirts, pin packs and stickers on our website, batfarmband.com! We have some all new designs for you guys! Thank you all for your love and support! We love you!