June 15, 2024

Hey Devin, you started your acting career at a very young age, what inspired you to pursue acting?

Actually going to see The Lion King on Broadway at 2.5 years old made me want to be on Broadway and my parents always told me to pursue my dream.

You are known for your role on ABC’s newest #1 comedy, ‘Single Parents’. Can you explain the process of how you got this role?

Well my mom received the initial audition and we read the breakdown and said, “This is me”. When I got the callback they said I would have to fly to LA to do it. I was super excited just to do that. It was my first time in LA. I did my screen test and about 2 days later we got the life changing call that I had been cast as Rory.

Can you explain the character you portray?

I play Rory. He is very fashionable. He loves theater, acting, singing and anything that involves the arts. He also can be a bit dramatic lol.

What do you think makes this show standout from other ABC shows?

This show is different because it’s not about a typical family. It’s like a family of friends and how they help each other raise their kids without the help of a partner.

Since getting the role, you must get recognized in public a lot more. What was that change like for you?

Well it doesn’t happen that much but when it does, it is DEFINITELY the highlight of my day. At first, I play it cool and then when they walk away I start doing my happy dance.

What’s your favorite part about being on “Single Parents”?

My favorite part when I first started was seeing all of Rory’s costumes. Now I really enjoy finding out what personality Rory will bring to that scene.

What’s your favorite part about being on set?

The best part is really just walking in and saying “hi” and “good morning” to everyone because we all get along so well.

How do you and the other cast members get along? Do you guys have any rituals before filming?

Well we all get along really well. I’m not sure about rituals but Kimrie Lewis (Poppy), who plays my mom, both share a love for music and dance so you can often catch us jammin on the side in between scenes. I also have a special handshake with some of my castmates.

What’s an average week like on set?

Usually I am on set Monday-Friday. When I first get there I do some schooling and then usually hair/makeup and then change into my costume for that scene.

Are their any other projects in the works you can tell us about?

After I am done filming this season I will be headed home to NY to work with a local theater on a new musical. I will also be performing a 1 night show at Feinstein’s/54Below. I will be singing. Other than that, the plan is to enjoy some theater and my friends.

What are your friends and parents thoughts on your career in acting?

My friends think it’s really cool. Some watch the show and some fall asleep trying to watch it because it’s on late in NY. My parents are super supportive and have done everything they can to help me follow my dreams.

What goals have you set out for yourself in your career?  

Originally, I said I wanted to be on Broadway and I was able to accomplish that when I joined the cast of Kinky Boots on Broadway. I have now been so blessed with the chance to do TV. I would love to try film and as an adult maybe head back to Broadway.

What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment so far in your career as an actor?

I would have to say Single Parents has been my biggest accomplishment. I’ve always done theater so I was very nervous to try TV because it is a different style of acting and you have to learn on camera techniques.

Overall, how has this whole acting career experience been for you so far?

So far it has been a wild ride. I enjoy every part of it, even the long days. I hope can continue this for a very long time because I love it.

Do you have any advice for anyone trying to make it as an actor?

My advice would be JUST GO FOR IT! Give every opportunity your best try no matter how big or small the part. Oh and the most important part is do not let ANYONE tell you that your dreams aren’t important or are impossible.

What social media platform do you use most to stay connected to your fans?

I mostly use Instagram and twitter. I can be found @devintrey08

How do you want your relationship to be with your fans?

I just want it to be open and positive experience. I don’t want to make enemies.

Do you plan to branch out into singing as well?

I would love to and I plan on it eventually.

What’s your favorite song at the moment?

My favorite song at the moment…I have a bunch but I kinda love High Hope by Panic At the Disco.

Do you have any other talents other than acting?

Yes, I also dance and sing.

What 5 words would you use to describe yourself?

Focused, Funny, Swaggy, passionate, dramatic

If your life was a movie, what would be the title?

Devin Trey Campbell: Just a Kid From The Bronx with a Dream

Who would you want to play you?

I would have to say I would love Todrick Hall to play me lol

Do you have any last things you want to tell your fans?

Just thank you so much for cheering me on and showing so much love on this journey!