July 22, 2024

Dark pop teen artist Emmrose shares single “Hopeless Romantics”

Passionately emotive, Emmrose doesn’t shy from being intensely human

NYC dark/alt pop teen artist Emmrose shares a brand new single “Hopeless Romantics” today. An uptempo, Latin-inspired melody drives the track, while its lyrics continue in the immersive, deep, and reflective dark pop roots of her sound.
For Fans Of: Adele, Lorde, Billie Eilish, Florence & the Machine, Lana Del Ray

Darkly emotive pop artist Emmrose returns with another single “Hopeless Romantics” today. As the title suggests, it delves into the frustrations of modern dating and unrequited love – hoping for something more, and feeling hopeless as a result. Though just sixteen years old, NYC-native Emmrose delivers intense, self-reflective lyrics, and cleverly catchy pop melodies that keep listeners coming back for more. As CharmMusic Magazine stated with the track’s premiere, she is “an artist not afraid to break boundaries and expectations,” demonstrating herself as rising artist not to be missed.

“The song is about a hopeless ‘relationship’ I had last year,” shared Emmrose. “I’d wonder whether or not it was real the entire time. On some days he’d say the nicest things and then I’d hear nothing at all. I felt used, really.” The lyrics reveal the heart-break of the story, opening with a question, “Is this it? Is this all we’re gonna be?” It’s the hope of a budding relationship, that becomes crushed when the feelings and expectations of one side are raised, teased, and left unreturned; dashed against the rocks in inevitable hurt. Emmrose’s lyrical honesty cuts deep, in hurtful anger stating, “I think you knew, I was never good enough for you.” She went on to share, “When I had first written this song, the lyrics were what I was afraid of. That I ‘wasn’t good enough’ and that we were’t going to be anything more than ‘friends with benefits’ or whatever that means. Of course, all this then happened – and it took me forever to get over it.” Continuing in the vein of previous singles, her lyrics are deeply introspective and poetically written. Relatable, yet never predictable, her music explores the swells and depths of love, relationships, and emotion with stunning finesse. Emmrose never shies from being her honest self, even if that means admitting feeling like a hopeless romantic in the modern world.

“Being so connected with phones and social media can definitely get your hopes up,” mused Emmrose, reflecting on her own experiences as a high school junior. “People can text you at any time, and be in touch so much that it begins to make you think ‘wow this person must really like me’ even though in reality they might just be stringing you along.”

Sonically, the track continues Emmrose’s exploration of a dark pop palette, but also pulls in uptempo, Latin-inspired flair. “When I first began writing this song my dad mentioned that it sort of sounded like a Spanish bull-fighting song,” laughed Emmrose. “I originally wrote it on the ukulele, and kept going with that vibe because I thought it was fun and felt really natural to try something new.” Producer/engineer Michael Abiuso (Behind the Curtains Media) commented further on the development of the single. “I recall Emmrose having such fantastic melodies and lyrics floating around; at the time she was just learning new chords on ukulele. The easiest thing I could think of to play along with her on guitar was just moving one major chord back-and-forth a half step, giving a very Latin-esque feel to the track. I could see a look of excitement on her face and that she was internally cooking up some ideas! She returned to the studio within a few days with “Hopeless Romantics” fully structured with chords, melodies, and lyrics that I absolutely adored. I then showed her some Bjork tracks such as “Hunter” to get some sonic pallet influences and the rest is history.”

It’s been a busy year for Emmrose: “Hopeless Romantics” comes as her fourth single, she recently announced signing to Secret Road for licensing services and has been actively writing and recording new music. As for the feedback so far, she reflected, “It’s been awesome. I’ve been really pleased with the positive responses, and its been great when people say they connect with my lyrics, and say they can relate. I like to be able to tell people that they aren’t alone and that I’ve been through the same thing. For 2020, one of my goals is that I want to write more happy songs. I guess that’s kind of a dumb thing to say, ‘I’m gonna tell my brain to be happy’ but things in my life have been a lot better the last few months; I’ve been really happy and have some great people in my life. So I’d prefer to focus on that, instead of dwelling on people that are not so great.”

With plenty of new material in development, Emmrose is showing that she’s only getting started – and is a must-watch artist for the coming year. She will perform her latest singles, new music, and select Christmas standards with her full band on December 18th at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 3 in NYC. “Hopeless Romantics” is out everywhere today including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.