May 22, 2024

How do you balance artist life and normal life?

This is a GREAT question. I feel like as long as I live I’ll be working on finding a good balance between music business and real, everyday life! My tendency is to go a million miles an hour with music, and it can leave me very drained for my personal life. So I’ve been trying to take time for deep breaths and shifting into a heightened awareness of “being present” so that I make sure that I’m taking care of myself while hustling with my music! And I find that compartmentalizing really helps – so I try to not think about “music stuff” when I’m playing with my pups or on a date with my man, that sort of thing!

What do you see as the most important qualities of successful people? 

I think that kindness and perseverance are two things that make people successful. Kindness is something that can be “rare” to find in “business”, yet can make the biggest, most lasting impact on people. I think you stand out when you’re kind, and at the same time, you’re shining your light and bringing joy to people – that’s what leaving a true legacy is. And perseverance – – man, if I had a DOLLAR for every time I received some form of rejection in the entertainment industry – this ish is HARD. It takes perseverance to become successful in this business. One of my high school teachers would always say, “You have to have the heart of a marshmallow and the skin of an alligator to make it in this business.” And that always stuck with me – although shhh, don’t tell anyone but I STILL cry over mean Instagram comments! Haha 😉

Is there an overall theme you are trying to capture when creating new music? 

Absolutely – no matter what tempo or genre or format I’m creating, I ALWAYS want to make people feel invited and included, and like they’re VIP (very important people.)

If you could open a show for any artist, who would it be and why? 

Florida Georgia Line hands down!! They’ve inspired SO much of my musical journey and I’m obsessed with every detail of their artistry. I’m also a huge fan of Russell Dickerson, Dan + Shay, and The Band Camino. It would be a dream come TRUE to open for any of them. 

What does it mean to you, to be authentic?

Not caring what other people think. Which as a chronic people please is SO difficult for me. But at the end of the day, doing what feels right to YOU in your soul, that’s being authentic.

What advice would you give your younger self? 

I would tell young D to not believe the negative feedback from people in the industry and to not put so much pressure on myself all the time. There was a time in LA when I’d go on auditions and get a callback but then when I didn’t book it, I’d be so angry at myself – I wish I could tell her it’s a JOURNEY, and that loving yourself is so much more productive than “holding things against yourself.” 

Two words to describe your style…

Fashion style? LA meets Nashville haha. Chill-Chic. Music style? Pop County and EDM made a baby 😉

Please tell our readers which platforms you are most active on and where they can follow you!

I’m super active and engaged on Instagram! (@DaniellaOfficiall). You can find my single “White Tee” and my new single “Country Club” (dropping at midnight on New Year’s Eve) on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, pretty much everywhere! Here’s the pre-save link for Country Club: 

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