July 21, 2024

Hey Caleb!! We are so excited to be chatting with you about your new EP “GiRLS”!!! Can you tell us what the project means to you?

It’s essentially a snapshot of my life and the romantic turmoil I have experienced the past 4 years after a bad breakup.

What’s been your reaction to the fans anticipation for “GiRLS”? How excited were you to get this EP out into the world?

I’ve been super excited. A lot of people have been waiting for me to release music and I feel like this EP is on another level from my old stuff. I am so blessed to be able to honor my fanbase with new and better quality music.

Where did your love of music come from?

My dad owns a studio and I was always spending time there with him as a kid. I remember a specific moment where I heard a guitar part in a song he was working on and, as I felt the rush just from that one simple musical piece, I instantly knew music was what I wanted to do.

Do you have any other release plans for 2020?

I have a collab album with hip hop / rap artist SEJOHFROGI. We are hoping to drop it around September. I also have my first album at the end of the year or the beginning of 2021. I will be dropping singles leading up to it! 

What do you hope your supporters will think of the new music?

I really wanted to create vibey music that talked about the sadness of heartbreak and just being human. I hope they’ll think it’s dope because the songs are mad wavy, but also connect with them on a deeply personal level because of the lyrical content.

How do you want your relationship to be like with your supporters?

I want them to be my family. I hope every song is a little bit more of a bridge from me to them and that we can share in the ups and downs of being people who are broken.

What’s something your fans don’t know about you?

New Girl is my favorite show. I can’t decide if I like Nick or Schmidt better haha.

What do you want your message to be towards your fans? What do you want your fans to take away from your music and shows?

Don’t give up– On people, on life, and especially yourself. There is always hope. Life is still beautiful no matter how many ugly moments you encounter. I want them to be inspired to make dope art and I want them to find healing through it.

What’s one word you would use to describe what your fans have allowed you to accomplish?

“Persistence”; If it weren’t for my fans I wouldn’t be as far as I am. So many people have encouraged me when I was down and that always helped me to get back up and keep fighting for my dream. Words have power. Peoples’ kindness fuels me and challenges me to be a better man and to keep pouring my heart into every song I write.

Is there anyone in the music business you are dying to meet?

Andy andy andy andy Mineo. Can’t stress that enough haha. I love that dude.

Why do you think social media is so important for artists like yourself? 

It allows you to market yourself easily. It’s also very helpful in creating an effortless connection between myself and my listeners– it gives them the ability to learn more about me aside from my music.

What would you say is your biggest dream/goal right now?

I want what the Lord has for me. If that is a worldwide touring artist I’m wit it. I feel like that is my calling so I’m gonna chase it and chase God with all I have and I’m never stopping.

Any last things you want to tell your supporters?

I love you so much. Your support brings me so much joy. When you guys listen to my songs it means the world to me. I don’t really write songs just to write them. I put a little bit of my heart out there with every lyric and chord and the fact that you (my supporters) would take the time to sit with me in that experience is such a blessing to me. Thank you<3

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us 🙂

Thank you so much for listening and reading. I am honored by you.

Life Is Still Beautiful.