May 22, 2024

Hey Guys!! So excited to be chatting with you again!! Now that it’s officially Fall!! How was your summer?

We’ve had such a great summer. We put out our first body of work ‘I Think Too Much’ and the reaction online and across radio stations has been incredible so far. We also did our first ever tour in the UK and played Reading & Leeds Festival so a lot of band milestones have been hit this summer which feels so good.

You guys just released your new EP, I Think Too Much! How excited are you guys that this project is finally out into the world?

We’re so happy to have it out. We’d been sitting on some of the songs crafting them since last fall so it felt great to finally release them.

What has your reaction been to the success of the new EP?

The response has been insane. We’re just really happy all the fans are loving the songs. A few major Radio stations in the US have put Choose to Believe into rotation which has blown us away and we’re very thankful for that. Amazon, Spotify and Apple have also shown us love which is awesome.

What is your favorite song off the EP?

We’d Probably have to say Choose to Believe. Partly because it’s the last song we wrote for the EP. Mainly because we all relate to the meaning heavily as individuals and it was a real special process piecing together this song from all of our experiences and past emotions.

Any fun moments while making the EP?

writing Choose to Believe was a lot of fun. it was the longest writing session of the whole EP we were there maybe 13/14 hours. So when we would get brain tired on the song we had an ongoing ping pong tournament out in the back. It got intense.

You guys also recently finished tour!! How was tour?

the best! the fact we played a London headline and Reading Festival as our first 2 shows ever as a band blows our mind. We loved every second of the tour. If you came out to a show and you’re reading this thank you! hope you enjoyed yourself.


What was an average day for you like on the road?

wake up, rush cause you slept through the alarm, hit the road, nandos, the show, repeat.

Where do you guys hope the band is in 5 years?

all we can ask for is to be happy, healthy, improve our craft and keep writing music that’s true to us. We’re excited at all the possibilities that lie ahead of us and we hope to tour as many different places as we can. 

Do you guys have any last things you want to tell your supporters?

Thank you for always being here with us. We appreciate you and your support to our band more than you’ll ever know. lots of love. the boys.