June 19, 2024

Hi Alonzo! Great to have you here!

THANK YOU! Always so grateful for these opportunities. 

What inspires you to work in this industry?

I’m not sure if inspires is the right word for me. It’s more of a calling. It’s something that my destiny has led toward since I was a child. It’s healing for me but I also know I am not just in this industry to heal myself. I am here to help heal others. 

If you could pass on one message to your fans, what message would that be? 

Even when you are taking baby steps, you are still moving forward. Stop waiting and start fighting for your dreams. 

How often do you write songs?

Not as often as your average songwriter. I typically only write songs when I feel deeply called. Outside of that, it’s usually when I’m working on projects. When working on projects, I write with my music producer Eric Zayne. 

What makes you feel most alive?

Being on stage. It’s the only moment when I feel the true power and magic of my gift. I miss the stage so much. It’s literally the biggest thing missing from my life right now due to the pandemic. I went from doing 2-3 shows a week to 0.

What is heavily played on your music playlists right now? 

I’ve recently been listening to Jazmine Sullivan’s new album. Also, been playing a lot of Toni Braxton. And of course, my own album. It hasn’t come out yet but I listen to it every day trying to imagine how my fans will react.

What is one thing you’ve had to learn the hard way? 

That everyone is not a good person. I wake up every day with the intention of being the best person I can be, so I often try to give everyone else the benefit of the doubt, in hopes that they are all good people too. However, I’ve realized that some people are just evil. There’s nothing we can do about this. All we can do is focus on ourselves. 

What milestone are you working towards in your career this year? 

WOW! This question just scared me haha. For the last 2 1/2 years, it’s been to finish my album. Now that I’m done and it’s coming out soon, I’m honestly not sure what the next milestone will be. I haven’t even thought about it. The goal is just to keep working hard with no expectations and see what happens. 

What is your favorite breakfast food? 

I love some good thick grits! Haha, I also love cereal with Almond Milk. 

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Please follow me on Instagram @StoryOfAlonzo

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Thank you for your time!

Thank you! It was an honor.