April 19, 2024

Date Of Birth: July 7, 1994

Birth Name: Ashton Fletcher Irwin

Age: 20

Born In: Hornsby

Relationship Status: Single

Height: 6 feet

Parents: Anne Marie (not sure dad)

Siblings: Harry Irwin and Lauren Irwin

99 Fun Facts About 5 Seconds of Summer Asthon Irwin! :

  1. Ashton actually has really big hands.
  2. His favorite movie is Pursuit of Happiness.
  3. A few weeks before 5SOS recorded their EP, Ashton always thought EP meant Episode.
  4. He is Aussie and American.
  5. Ashton’s favorite TV show is Family Guy.
  6. The boys say “Ashton has smelly feet, but apparently he had great foot hygiene until someone spilt a beer down his shoe.”
  7. He used to be in a band called “Swallow the Goldfish”.
  8. Ashton has a weird obsession with Carl Stefonovic.
  9. Ashton likes to play on Ikea furniture.
  10. He says he’s 6ft tall, and all the boys are pretty much the exact same height.
  11. Ashton’s favorite childhood memory was the first time he played the drums in front of an audience.
  12. He would date a fan.
  13. His favorite singer is James Morrison.
  14. Ashton hated 5SOS before he joined. He hated that they were always mucking around and forgetting words on their youtube videos.
  15. (On Ustream) Ashton- “5 way marriage, that sounds great. I’ll just assume we’re moving to pakistan to do that.”
  16. He loves the subject visual arts.
  17. Ashton says he is good at ice- skating.
  18. He joined 5SOS in December 2011.
  19. Ashton says he listens to heavy music.
  20. Ashton likes banana milkshakes.
  21. “What type of girls do you like?” Ashton- “Girls that are unique and beautiful in their own way.”
  22. The boys say “that Ashton is the best listener.”
  23. A girl tweeted Ashton asking if “he would ever wear crocs,” he replied with “guilty”.
  24. Ashton said “he forgets his keys and has to climb through the toilet window all the time..”
  25. “What’s your general view on windchimes?” Ashton: “well ya know I like the way they chime.”
  26. Ashton said “he couldn’t live without Luke, Calum and Michael.”
  27. Ashton said “he loves both summer and winter.”
  28. His biggest fears are needles and having his wrist broken.
  29. Ashton’s favorite album right now is Trey Songz Chapter 5.
  30. Ashton says he really likes some of The Wanted’s songs.
  31. His lucky number is 18.
  32. Ashton loves Reece Mastin.
  33. (In a photo with Reece Mastin) Ashton: “Wow, you smell great”
  34. Ashton has a nickname that only his family calls him.
  35. He wants to have a huge concert and donate all the money to charity.
  36. Ashton said “he tried out on X-factor in November 2010.”
  37. He used to be a state level swimmer.
  38. He didn’t have his first kiss until he was 16.
  39. “You know it’s true love when you know your mate’s Maccas order.”
  40. Ashton has lost his license before.
  41. He likes chicken noodles better than beef.
  42. Ashton’s favorite brand of shoes is Vans.
  43. Ashton’s favorite Lipton ice tea flavor is peach.
  44. He is scared of the dark.
  45. Ashton does not like olives.
  46. Ashton’s favorite food is spaghetti.
  47. His dragon name is Balthasaur.
  48. Ashton loves Coldplay.
  49. He has broken his arm and his wrist before.
  50. Ashton loves blonde jokes.
  51. His favorite color is red.
  52. Ashton loves Caramel Koalas.
  53. Ashton says “he would want to be stuck in an elevator with Koshi from Sunrise.”
  54. “What is your favorite thing about a tour?” Ashton: “When the crowd screams your songs back at you! It’s the most amazing thing ever.”
  55. “If you see these weird, tall, bearded guys at our shows they’re not pedophiles, THEY ARE OUR FANS.”
  56. Ashton likes Justin Bieber.
  57. Ashton is a big Christian.
  58. He is the most sensitive one in the band.
  59. Ashton got his first drum set when he was 8 years old.
  60. If Ashton could collaborate with one of his favourite male and female singers he said it would be Alex Gaskarth & Rita Ora.
  61. Ash says “he is the most embarrassing member of 5sos.”
  62. Ashton’s favorite song to play live is “Year 3000”.
  63. Ashton snores a lot.
  64. Ashton’s says his favorite Disney movie is Hercules.
  65. Ashton wants a band turtle.
  66. Ashton’s favorite All Time Low song is “Lost in Stereo”.
  67. Ashton’s favorite song right now is “Singing with the King” by Go Radio.
  68. Ashton’s favorite Justin Bieber song is “Right Here”
  69. Ashton wears glasses.
  70. If Ash wasn’t doing music, he said he would be a music teacher.
  71. Ash said “he would take Calum if he was stranded on a deserted island.”
  72. Other than the drums, Ash can play the saxophone, piano, and guitar.
  73. Ashton’s parents are separated, and his dad is not around.
  74. Ashton’s favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate chip.
  75. Ashton drew a butterfly on a fan’s wrist so she’d stop cutting.
  76. One time, Ashton was trying to use a movie theater ticket dispenser as an ATM.
  77. Ashton can grow a mustache in 2.5 seconds
  78. Ash use to work at KFC.
  79. Ashton has a one direction poster in his room.
  80. Ashton old Twitter username used to be ashtonirwin5sos.
  81. Ashton’s dog’s name is Indie.
  82. About two years ago Ashton said he wanted the Nike tick as a tattoo on his foot.
  83. If Ashton were a girl for a whole day, he would go shopping because he says, as a guy, he can’t shop with a passion.
  84. Ashton claims he texts like a 12 year old girl.
  85. Ashton likes his tea/coffee filled with sugar and milk.
  86. He hates ducks.
  87. Ashton’s favorite food is pineapple.
  88. Ashton said his celeb crush was John Mayer and we would turn gay for him.
  89. If Ashton was a girl for 24 hours he would see what its like playing drums.
  90. Ashton used to coach little kids at soccer.
  91. Ashton was the only one who could drive by himself so he’d pick the other boys up and instead of school they’d ‘band’.
  92. Calum describes Ashton as the ‘father’ of the band and says he was the missing link the band needed.
  93. Ashton and Michael both love dragon ball-z.
  94. Calum describes Ashton as being a nerd at specific things such as dragon ball-z
  95. When Ashton is in a hotel room he can’t have the shoes scattered around. They must be in a line.
  96. Ashton can do the most push ups in the band.
  97. Ashton’s favorite song on the album is ‘Never Be’.
  98. If Ashton could have a super power he’d want to have the ability to morph into a hippo.
  99. Ashton enjoys vanilla scented candles a lot.