May 22, 2024

Date Of Birth: July 16, 1996

Birth Name: Luke Robert Hemmings

Age: 18

Relationship Status: Single

Parents: Liz Hemmings and Andrew Hemmings

Siblings: Ben Hemmings and Jack Hemmings

64 Fun Facts About 5 Seconds of Summer’s Luke Hemmings! :

  1. His dog’s name is Molly.
  2. Luke supports Cronulla Sharks in NRL.
  3. One of Luke’s favorite TV shows is How I Met Your Mother.
  4. Luke’s perfect date would be going to the beach and Cold Rock afterwards.
  5. At a concert, Luke said, “Alright, this is a new song, it’s called ‘All I Need’. Yes, this song is about boobs.”
  6. Luke’s first youtube video was uploaded on February 3rd, 2011.
  7. Luke says he is the most responsible out of the band, and always takes things more seriously.
  8. Luke has never seen the Titanic.
  9. Luke and Calum both have matching singlets and they “accidentally” both wore them to band practice one day.
  10. Luke is pure Australian.
  11. Luke is in extension maths and he “dominates” science according to Michael.
  12. Luke said in a Ustream, a while ago, that he wanted to get a piercing on his eyebrow.
  13. Ashton says “Luke gives the best hugs in the band.”
  14. Luke likes to have “intimate sessions with Luke Hemmings” on twit cams.
  15. Luke says chocolates from fans taste better than stuff he buys himself.
  16. Luke and Calum go to the gym.
  17. The first time Luke has been over seas is when the boys went to London.
  18. Luke’s favorite singer is Josh Ramsay.
  19. Luke’s and Calum’s favorite movie is Anchor Man.
  20. Luke said “him and Calum would probably die first if zombies came because Michael is the ultimate gamer and would
  21. know what to do.”
  22. He said “the youngest age he would date is 13 (2012).”
  23. Luke’s favorite ice cream flavor is cookies and cream.
  24. Luke eats the most in the band, and he says he’s always hungry.
  25. His favorite color is blue.
  26. Luke said “he wants to book out a whole Nando’s and have dinner there with the boys and all of the 5SOS family.”
  27. Luke’s favorite animal is a penguin.
  28. He likes ham & cheese.
  29. Luke’s mom says that he is the master of losing things.
  30. He lost his iPhone in Melbourne after the tour, and all of the boys were teasing him about his old Nokia.
  31. Luke follows the Sydney Swans in AFL.
  32. Luke is amazing at snow boarding.
  33. He plays soccer.
  34. Luke enjoys the movie 17 Again & Monsters Inc.
  35. Luke is an uncle.
  36. His favorite song on the EP is “Beside You”.
  37. Luke won the 5SOS Pizza Hut ice-cream eating competition. He said “he had “like 17 bowls”.
  38. “I would probably have a pretty good time with Calum… Not sexually in any way…”
  39. He plays the amazing guitar solo in “Out Of My Limit”.
  40. “I’m gonna be honest ,but I actually look like a boss as batman, even though I probably am batman.”
  41. Ashton said “Luke would die first in a zombie apocalypse for sure.”
  42. Luke said “he loves hot chips.”
  43. Luke’s favorite number is 7.
  44. Luke said “he would date a fan about 2 years younger than he is.”
  45. Pepperoni is Luke’s favorite pizza topping.
  46. Luke started school early.
  47. Luke gets the most nervous before a show.
  48. He chooses pizza over donuts.
  49. Luke would rather a baby elephant over a baby Kangaroo.
  50. Luke farts the most.
  51. His favorite Sleeping with Sirens song is ‘Let’s Cheer to This’
  52. Luke’s favorite songs from All Time Low’s ‘Don’t Panic’ album are Somewhere in Neverland, Outlines and To Live and Let Go.
  53. Luke and Calum both love the movie Anchor Man.
  54. Luke is the tallest member in 5SOS.
  55. Luke thinks pizza is the “best food ever!”
  56. Luke once said that “a boy will tell someone they love them, a man will show it (:”
  57. If Luke were a chicken he’d want to be covered in Nando’s sauce.
  58. He likes neck tickles.
  59. Luke used to be able to ride a skateboard.
  60. Luke’s secret talent is clicking with all his fingers.
  61. Luke carries a hair brush where ever he goes.
  62. Luke’s favorite film is the new Lego Movie or Mean Girls.
  63. Luke’s favorite ultimate hero is his dad. – Aww!
  64. Luke’s favorite song on the album is ‘End Up Here’