June 19, 2024

We all love Calum Hood from 5SOS but what do you really know about him? We decided to find out more about our favorite Australian 5SOS member… I bet you wont believe the stuff we found out!


Date Of Birth: January 25, 1996

Birth Name: Calum Thomas Hood

Age: 18

Relationship Status: Single

Shoe Size: 9

Parents: Joy (not sure dad)

Siblings: Mali Koa Hood

62 Fun Facts About 5 Seconds of Summer Calum Hood:

  1. Calum is NOT Asian. He’s Kiwi and Scottish.
  2. Calum supports Liverpool in soccer.
  3. He would turn gay for Kellin Quinn.
  4. Calum’s favourite food is pizza.
  5. Calum’s sister is Mali Koa Hood and she competed on The Voice.
  6. The band says that Calum is the most feminine because he has no leg hair.
  7. Calum prefers brown hair on a girl.
  8. “Do you like happy meals?” Calum: “YES. WITH EXTRA HAPPY.”
  9. Calum went to Brazil last year because he got picked to represent Australia in soccer. He gave it up to pursue his music career.
  10. He thinks many people are confused that he’s the only non-blonde, non-white person in 5SOS.
  11. If Calum was a girl, he would date Michael, Ashton would date himself, and Michael would be lesbian because he loves girls too much.
  12. Calum’s the best at PDH.
  13. One of Calum’s many celebrity crushes is Delta Goodrem.
  14. According to Ashton, Calum has the best “ass” in the band.
  15. Calum doesn’t like salt & vinegar chips.
  16. On the Hot 30 twit cam, Calum said his favourite singer is Guy Sebastion.
  17. “What made you introduce Ashton into the band?” Calum: “Uuggh well… I was on eharmony this one time… and we met.”
  18. The boys say Calum has the best body in the band.
  19. Calum said the youngest he would date is 14.
  20. Calum’s favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate.
  21. He loves Katy Perry.
  22. Calum writes the most 5SOS songs out of the boys.
  23. He had a big crush on Alicia Keys when he was younger, and he says “it’s been resparked”.
  24. Calum tried a Peach Milkshake in London but didnt like it.
  25. He has a dinosaur tooth brush Adam Wilkinson got him.
  26. Calum’s mom originated from Auckland.
  27. If Calum had to be stuck in an elevator with anyone, he would want it to be Katy Perry.
  28. Whenever Calum is shirt less Luke always happens to be pant less.
  29. Calum only likes cheddar cheese.
  30. He loves tea.
  31. Calum had his first kiss at the age of 13.
  32. Cal dropped out of high school.
  33. Cal’s favorite color is baby blue.
  34. Calum’s ex girlfriend’s name was Maddie Harris.
  35. Calum’s relationship with Maddie lasted for about 2 to 3 months.
  36. His mom is from New Zealand and his dad’s nationality is Scottish.
  37. Calum was a nerd and still is.
  38. If Calum were a girl, he’d date Michael, Ashton would date himself, and Michael would be lesbian because he likes girls too much.
  39. Calum’s mum picks out his cologne but he denied it saying “I picked it out, I’m a manly man! It smells like cowboy musk.”
  40. Calum claims that they found Ashton on eHarmony.
  41. When Calum was younger, he used to run around and take a bite out of apples, then put them around the house.
  42. He claims he is a ‘dog’ lover.
  43. His favorite color is blue.
  44. Calum says the hate never gets to him.
  45. Calum’s favorite childhood movie is Monsters Inc.
  46. Calum likes pancakes more then waffles.
  47. Just because Calum doesn’t like it when people call him Asian does not mean he has anything against Asians. He loves everyone.
  48. Calum would rather be a goat then a sloth for a day.
  49. Calum’s favorite Mcfly song is One for the Radio.
  50. Calum has never eaten a waffle.
  51. Calum’s favorite Busted song is Britney.
  52. His favorite fruit is apples.
  53. Calum’s singer role model, when he was younger, was Chris Brown.
  54. Calum reckons his fans think he’s a lot cooler than he actually is.
  55. Calum claims that nothings changed and they don’t see themselves as famous. They’ve just learned to adapt to a different lifestyle.
  56. Calum was the first in the band to start song writing which influenced the rest of them to give it a go.
  57. Calum likes a girl who is quite, quirky, and musical.
  58. Calum squats on a daily basis.
  59. Calum always has some kind of animal on his underwear.
  60. Calum’s favorite song on the album is ‘Kiss Me Kiss Me’.
  61. If Calum could have a super power he’d like to be able to talk to animals.
  62. Calum’s favorite film is the new Lego Movie or Monsters Inc.