July 21, 2024

Hey Ainsley, How’s it going in quarantine? How are you dealing with it?

I believe it is all about perspective. Instead of looking at the negatives during these dire times, I feel the positive is what should motivate our hearts. There are times that I go stir- crazy; however, for the most part, this time is allowing me to take a moment and appreciate my family, and the blessings we have. This time is also allowing me to create new content and catch up on some projects that were pushed aside due to life! 

You started your acting career at a very young age, what inspired you to pursue acting? 

When I was 11, I felt called to the industry like a moth to a flame. I can’t explain where the fire or the passion came from, but I knew that it was like a compass rose God placed in my heart. I fell in love with acting immediately and started You- tubing monologues etc. until eventually after really hard work and multiple acting showcases, I gained an agent and manager in Hollywood, and the rest is history! 

Do you have any rituals before filming a show?

For my ritual: First off, I thank God for my opportunities, then I rock out to my favorite rock bands while singing and dancing! 

Are there any acting projects in the works you can tell us about?

There is a VERY special project opportunity of a lifetime, that has to remain unnamed for now. Until further details are released, keep an eye out by keeping up with this journey via my Instagram: @ainsley_ross 

What are your friends and parents thoughts on your career in acting? 

I have been very fortunate! 

My parents have been nothing but supportive and so encouraging. I mean, don’t get me wrong at first; it was like, “you want to do what?!” There has never been an actress in the family so it took adaptation to a new lifestyle for us. My parents are so loving and always are there for me. I need to be very real and honest! This career path can be more strenuous on relationships in general. Some friends definitely understand more than others. Due to the career path I have chosen, the unpredictability of my schedules makes things difficult. Also, some friendships can be harder to maintain due to an expectation of fame and attaining followers, for their gain. It’s nice to have friends now who don’t care about what projects you booked, or the social media numbers you have, the ones that are truly just there for you. It’s all been a learning experience! 

What goals have you set out for yourself in your career?

In my career, my primary goal is to encourage and uplift. I want everyone to know that no matter what your dream is, you can attain it by hard work and believing in yourself. My current goals are to launch my own podcast, and some top-secret branding based merchandise, book an action-based role as the lead and graduate from college with my degree as an Occupational Therapist. I want everyone to know that you can have a career and invest in your education at the same time, and you don’t have to choose between one or the other. 

Overall, how has this whole acting career experience been for you so far? 

The acting experience has been a lot harder than anyone could ever imagine. The acting world has been very good to me; however, it hasn’t been easy by any means! Acting takes hard work, and always investing in your craft! You learn that you can always apply yourself, and you will get more no’s in this industry than you will get yes’s! You have to have the determination and know your morals, and most importantly, you have to believe in yourself! I am very grateful for the jobs and opportunities I have had and have in the industry, but has derived from years of dedication and hard work! 

What’s your favorite part about being an actor? 

Honestly to me there is a fulfillment in acting that I can’t explain. It’s the fact that you can bring the character and script to life and make them so relatable that the audience cares for their well-being; you laugh for them, you celebrate for them, and you cry for them. The best feeling is when the character you portray impacts an audience member’s life for the good! That impact is unlike any feeling in the world! To think that a character that you portray can impact someone’s life so much so that it encourages them to say, “I want to do this as my career now” shows that it all starts with a dream! 

Do you have any advice for anyone trying to make it as an actor? 

I would say, know your morality, who you are, and what you will and won’t compromise before-hand. This industry isn’t all lights, camera, action, fame, and glamour. You will be turned down more in this industry than you ever can imagine. It takes gumption, persistence, passion, hard work, and a strong soul to not get discouraged or become desperate. My biggest advice is if it is really your dream, never give up! You have to work and look up tips even during your downtime. With enough, passion, love, and especially hard work you, will receive that yes in life, and hopefully it will be the start to many more! Even amidst the time you aren’t working on set, create your own become a content creator, and show your skillsets and create your opportunities! 

Do you have any other talents other than acting? 

I am a first-degree black belt in Taekwondo, a stunt woman, tactically weapons trained, and specialized in close range military combative’s. I am a singer-songwriter as well, and just released a single that went international on all fronts called “We Are 1.” Also I love journaling and sketching. In currently going to college pursuing the medical industry to become an Occupational therapist, I have also become a member of the Phi Theta Kappa’s Honor Society. 

Tell me about “We Are 1.” What does this song mean to you, and how it came about?

This song is so much more than just a song; it’s a movement! This song is about the unity of a universal language, which is love. This song states that no matter your ethnicity, religion, political views, or style of music, we can all join together to make a difference in the world! I wrote this song intending to take singers who performed in completely different genres and decided to combine our different styles all together to show that being different and working together despite those differences has an incredible outcome, that can change the world! 

Do you have any last things you want to tell your fans? 

Believe in yourself and know your worth! Trust your gut and intuition ALWAYS, and keep that passion and fire in your soul alive! Remember that whatever life has in store for you, it is SO much bigger and better than you could ever imagine, so don’t set limits on your dreams! Thank you, Teen Music Insider , for this interview, and thanks to everyone for being a part of this journey with me. 

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