May 25, 2024


America’s Got Talent’s First ever Winner

Premieres Breathtaking Compelling New Single “Hallelujah”

 (A Leonard Cohen cover)

(single art)

Today, Friday October 9th, Bianca Ryan, America’s Got Talent’s First Ever Winner – has announced the release of her new song “Hallelujah”, a Breathtaking and compelling version of Leonard Cohen’s legendary original that’s been widely played throughout the world. Bianca Ryan recently appeared on America’s Got Talent The Champions, a spin off where they brought back their most popular winners and finalists from around the entire globe to compete head on. Bianca performed an emotional and dynamic rendition of “Say Something” bringing all 4 judges to their feet; praised by Simon Cowell, and the entire world finding out that night that Bianca went through 2 vocal surgeries and had to completely relearn how to sing all over again due to a virus that left her vocal cord paralyzed. “Hallelujah” is Ryan’s second single release of 2020; showcasing a glimpse of what is to come for the rest of this year with Ryan changing musical directions – showcasing more vocally empowering songs for her fans that lead with inspiration and power to bring them back to how they first discovered her. Ryan plans to continue to release “popular” sounding music but wants to also incorporate a lot of classic, singer-songwriter styled music that she’s had her heart set on since the very beginning.. “Hallelujah” is available on Spotify and iTunes.

Bianca’s music and recent performances have captured the attention from popular figures such as Christina Aguilera, Quincy Jones, Meghan Trainor, Perez Hilton, Simon Cowell, Shawn Mendes, David Foster, Danna Paola, Darci Lynne, and Billboard Music.

Bianca states about her new song release “Hallelujah” : I’m just so excited to finally have no boundaries and limitations musically and vocally. I’ve waited years for this moment, everyone has really; my family, my friends, fans, past teachers and schoolmates, industry execs… literally everyone – to be the artist I’ve dreamed about being since I was a little girl. Hallelujah was a song that I’ve wanted to sing for years and I actually wanted to sing it on America’s Got Talent The Champions but we ended up going in a different direction. Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah is the ultimate classic and has been done by so many of the greats and I really wanted to put my spin on it and join the club. I feel like this song is an agglomeration of everything I have worked for vocally in one song. I really wanted to align my progress and my heart in a song and Hallelujah is just that. It’s one of many songs I’ve wanted to always release, so this new journey is very freeing for me.

Bianca Ryan found herself coming full circle after being brought back for the premier season of America’s Got Talent, The Champions recently. Simon Cowell, calling her performance “A Moment” and  “the reason that the show America’s Got Talent is still here today”.  Bianca also attended the Grammys and shortly after performed as a special guest on America’s Got Talent Season 14 Final Results. Bianca also recently released her official “Say Something” Music Video featuring Dance Moms star Lilly K that has gained major recognition on social media. Bianca’s “Say Something” hit #23 on the iTunes Charts and continues to climb the Spotify and Apple Music charts totalling 1 million streams and thousands of iTunes sales.

She will be power-duo-ing back again with Lilly K for 2 new Music Videos for her last release “Fast Car” and “Hallelujah.” Bianca also announced a new Christmas EP Release happening this holiday season after her debut Christmas EP released 15 years ago! She’s working hard in the studio for the next few weeks to finish recording and offering fans to donate towards the project through Patreon to receive autographed copies of the Christmas EP and fun behind the scenes perks. Bianca has also been doing weekly Virtual Concerts on her Facebook and Instagram to keep in touch with her fans and bring live music to everyone during this time of no in-person performances or concerts.