May 29, 2024

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What inspired you to pursue your career in music?

It’s actually my acting career that got me started working professionally in music. You see, I have always been interested in music all my life, learning different types of music since I was about 4 years old – mostly on piano, guitar and singing – and I was also involved in a teen rock band a few years back. However, when I was filming a pilot called “7 Hills” a couple years ago, the director wanted some original music in his soundtrack and knew that myself and a couple other cast members were musicians so I co-wrote and recorded my first song with that show. It really inspired me to start writing and recording my own songs and lead to the release of all my original music.

Did you have a break out song that started things for you?

When I was writing my first song, “Nowhere,” Shawn Mendes’ song “In My Blood” was just rising on the charts. I really relate to that song and I love his style of music. I was also listening to a lot of country at the time from OCMS (Old Crow Medicine Show), Kane Brown, John Denver and others. So “Nowhere” came together as an interesting pop song with a bit of a fun country sound. It did well for my first release, with a lot of airplay on Disney radio and many stations across the US.

With a massively growing following already, your supporters must have a name for themselves! Does your fan base have a name?

They actually haven’t named themselves yet, but I hope they come up with something cool like they have done for Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and others – but I’ll leave it up to them!

How do you want your relationship to be like with your supporters?

My fan base is amazing. Many of them are from the show “Anne with an E” and they are truly unbelievable people who have crowdfunded billboards in Times Square to try to get the show renewed. I have actually become friends with some of them who have supported me through my EP release and with my music. I try to reach out and join group chats with as many as I can to thank them and connect with them because without people who support you and keep you going, a musician would have nothing. I follow many of them on social media, watch and like their edits, posts, stories and respond to everyone I can and get to know them better. I love that my music connects with them and that they often are very similar to me in the way they think and they inspire me to keep going.

What type of music are you leaning towards for your music career?

Most of my songs have an upbeat and positive pop vibe. I’ve explored undertones of country, reggae and rock in some of my songs, because I love all these genres. Overall, I love a strong guitar in music so my latest single has great guitar energy with that overall energetic pop feel.

You just released your new single, “Just Talkin,” and it has already gained a lot of attention from your fanbase – what were your thoughts on the reaction to the song?

The reaction has been so positive and I am so thankful. Every time I release a new song, the level of anxiety is high because you pour your heart out into a song – you open up thoughts and feelings in songwriting that you wouldn’t normally tell people in everyday conversation and then put it out there for the world to see. The fear is that people won’t like it so when the feedback is overwhelmingly positive, the relief and gratitude is the next flood of feelings you get. Fans have been very positive, and I have had a number of requests for interviews and articles. I see people listening to the song and watching the video every day and it’s just getting started, so I’m super happy with the initial excitement.

What’s up next for you? A full album? A tour maybe? More acting?

Almost all of the above. My first EP was made into a short film and visual album that was a musical and I loved combining my passion for acting and music into one project so I am writing a second EP with the same goal in mind. I’m already making tour plans for the summer that I haven’t announced yet, but will be releasing dates in the spring. Finally, on the acting side, the pilot that kickstarted my music career has finally been picked up as a three part mini-series that I’ll be filming in the spring as well.

Any other fun things in the works you can tell us about?

Well, some may not classify this as fun, but I’ll be completing my first year of university in April and really enjoying it. I’m taking a Commerce degree because I really feel like a strong foundation in business and marketing will help me be successful in the entertainment industry.

You have already opened for some incredible acts like Austin Mahone, Mike Posner, Bryce Vine and Madison Beer! What were those experiences like for you?

For me, meeting other artists is always a highlight. To be able to talk with other musicians who tell me about their stories on how they got into music and where their sound came from is really, really cool. I actually was quite starstruck when meeting Mike Posner, having grown up listening to his music and then getting to play on the same stage. He is such an amazing guy and he he gave me inspirational advice that I will never forget about gratitude and about songwriting. Bryce Vine is also a very positive inspiration for me who actually sat through my set and talked to me about my own music when I was done. I also got to spend time with Alec Benjamin who is a super social media guy with his fans and I was in awe of his dedication, which also taught me a lot. Each of these people I meet leaves a lasting impact on me, and it really motivates me to keep honing my craft.

Your previous single, “Nowhere,” peaked at #3 on Disney Radio!! What was it like receiving this amazing news?

It was kinda crazy honestly! I remember getting an email about it, and I rushed over to the Disney charts as fast as I could and as soon as I saw number 3, I swear, I made one of the weirdest sounds I’ve ever made (probably something between an ‘AH!’ and an ‘No way’, really strange). I had started music as a way of sharing my thoughts and experiences with others, and to see it take off and have an impact on all these people really helped motivate me to move forward.

You also received a silver medal at the Global Music Awards for your EP, “Beats in a Bagel Shop.” What was that accomplishment like for you? Did you gain anything from this huge accomplishment?

I was super happy to hear I got a silver medal for my work. It really struck me that “Beats in a Bagel Shop” was a piece of myself, something that I poured my heart into, and to see it be recognized on a global scale really put things into perspective for me. It also then was nominated for best musical at the Orlando Film Festival and it was an Official Selection at the Toronto Shorts International Film Festival. Receiving awards for something so personal like making music and films really helps someone to gain confidence in their writing and abilities, and it helps me to keep pursuing bolder choices, and new concepts which I have been doing with my latest singles.

Any last things you want to tell your supporters?

My supporters mean everything to me. I appreciate every single person who has taken the time to listen to my music at one point or another and especially all the people who listen to my songs every single day. It really means the world that people like my work as much as I do. I hope you all stick around, because I’ve got so much more I’d love to show you guys, and talk about. 🙂

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