May 29, 2024

Zenia is an alternative pop artist and songwriter originally from Bellevue, WA now living in Los Angeles, CA. Favorite Song is her first single of 2021 after deciding to rebrand her project. Zenia grew up listening to artists such as John Lennon, Marina, and Marvin Gaye. She felt these artists always wrote songs with a mission and she wanted to do the same which is what brought her to this particular sound. She loves writing lyrics that convey a feeling, activism, depth, protest, or a purpose. “I wrote Favorite Song about being manipulated and misled in a relationship. Where it seems someone cares for you, but in truth they’re using you, and now you’re realizing you were hooked in a cycle of disrespect” explains Zenia about the inspiration behind the song. The song includes Zenia’s sultry vocals, depthy lyrics, and a dark vibey synth that fits perfectly with the bass. 

“I wrote “favorite song” because of many experiences I’ve had in human bonds, romantic as well as friendships and relatives, where I got caught in the performance of fabrications they were putting on. I thought I was their “favorite”, a priority, or of some importance at all, but in truth was just being led on as though I were. Eventually, as easily as hello, came goodbye, as easily as goodbye, came hello. It was never ending, yet consistently intense. I came to realize they never had the capacity for compassion or respect, for themselves and least of all for me. The severity of that level of manipulation was shattering, to believe you’re cared for only to realize it was a deception based on their need to be in control” says Zenia. 

Growing up in Washington State, Zenia started playing the piano and writing at the age of 10 years old. She produced her first album by herself at the age of 15 and continued to write over 200 songs before she turned 21. Zenia aims to create music with a meaning that inspires others to grow and inspire one another. Be sure to keep up with her on social media as she plans to release a series of singles over the next year. 

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