July 19, 2024


Justin claims that he’s no longer the ‘arrogant’ and ‘conceited’ person he pretended to be for the last year or two. And fans seem to truly believe that the ‘Baby’ singer is sorry for how he’s acted in the past. Does Selena Gomez’s new man, Zedd, feel the same way? Find out!

Fans went wild after seeing Justin Bieber‘s public apologies — both his appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and his personal video — which seem to be his way of trying to win Selena Gomez, 22, back. Zedd, 25, on the other hand, wasn’t so pleased. Find out what Selena’s new man thinks about Justin’s public apologies.

Zedd Reacts To Justin Bieber’s Apology Video & ‘Ellen’ Appearance: Not Impressed

“Selena said Zedd was not impressed with Justin’s apology on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He’s super protective of Selena and doesn’t want to see her get hurt by Justin again. Zedd’s falling hard for her, but at the same time, he isn’t ready to fully commit until he’s 100% sure that Justin is out of the picture,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.’

Zedd seems like a smart guy. Not only is he weary of Justin’s motives, but he’s being cautious about falling completely in love with Selena until he finds out whether she’s truly over Justin.

“Selena told Zedd that Justin’s apology doesn’t mean anything to her. In fact, when she’s with Zedd, she tries not to talk about Justin at all. She is determined to make it work with Zedd,” our source adds.

Zedd & Selena Gomez Have Fallen For Each Other

We’re glad that Selena is sticking by her man, Zedd, and they’re both paying no attention to Justin’s public apologies. Hopefully, they’ll continue dating and profess their love to each other when they feel comfortable doing so.