July 21, 2024

OMG! Zedd totally seems to be dissing Selena Gomez’s ex, Justin Bieber. In a new photo posted to the EDM DJ’s Instagram page on Jan. 30, he is seen playing a guitar with a beanie on — it’s very similar to a pic Justin posted recently. See it here!



Zedd and Justin Bieber seem to be fighting over Selena Gomez. She may be more in love with Zedd than she ever was with Justin, as a source toldHollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY, but that’s not stopping the EDM DJ from taking some jabs at her ex on Instagram. See the new pic Zedd posted on Jan. 30, where he looks to be dissing Justin!

Zedd Disses Justin Bieber — DJ Mocks Singer With Lookalike Instagram Photo

In the new image, posted on Zedd’s Instagram account on Jan. 30, he is seen playing a guitar while wearing a beanie hat. It may seem like just an ordinary photo, but if you’re a huge Justin Bieber fan like we are, you know he’s likely dissing the Biebs!

Lately, Justin’s been posting a ton of photos, in which he’s sitting and playing a guitar (see an example above). In fact, recently, Justin posted a video of himself, teasing new love songs (possibly about Selena Gomez), while jamming on his guitar in the studio.

Zedd: Is He Jealous Of Selena Gomez’s History With Justin Bieber?

Did Zedd get upset when he heard Justin’s new songs? After all, Zedd is the new man in Selena’s life. We can see why he wouldn’t appreciate Justin releasing new songs that are likely about Selena.

Could this be why Zedd chose to mock Justin on Instagram? Even the guitars look super similar!

It’s pretty obvious that Zedd thinks Justin may be a threat. Otherwise, why would he do this?