May 25, 2024

Hey everyone its Ainsley here from Teen Music Insider and today we have a very special guest with us. If you spend hours on end watching youtube videos online and you are looking for someone new to start watching then I would recommend you read this interview! So without further ado, our special guest is Sean!

So Sean, I have seen a few of your videos and they are hilarious What made you want to start making videos on youtube?

Well thanks! Yeah I watch youtube videos just like pretty much everyone else with an iPhone these days. Also being obsessed with other online creators like Colleen Ballinger, Joshua Evans, Shane Dawson etc probably had something to do with it. Even some of my friends made me want to start creating videos like Kaelyn from “Seven Super Girls” and Gracie of “xgraciefacie”. So it was bound for me to start sometime.

What are your favorite videos to make?

I try to do a good mix of everything on my channel because I always have random thoughts, but my favorite are Q&A’s because I love seeing the questions my followers come up with and come up with as soon as I say there’s an upcoming #AskSean.

Are you going to stick with making videos and try to make a career out of it?

I will try my best to stick with making videos as i continue with school and whatever career I find myself in, and if I can make a career out of it in the meantime even better!

Are you wanting to act some too?

I am obsessed with television probably because it’s so accessible now like Netflix, and I want to be in the entertainment field somehow whether that be acting, voice acting, or behind the scenes.

Have you come up with a fan base name yet?

I don’t know who came up with it, but some fan pages call themselves “Seanators”. I still don’t even call them fans because they seem more like a whole bunch of internet friends that all love a bunch of the same things as me.

On one of your recent videos you talked about how much you love Ariana Grande and Beyonce. What other artist do you love?

YES! I love Ariana and beyonce and have seen them both live.. Just throwing it out there they are A-mazing. But I also listen to alot of rap/R&B artists like Drake, Rihanna, Big Sean. I can’t forget friends of mine Megan Miller, Savion Wright, Devin Velez, and Jill Jenson who are super talented and always come out with great stuff.

Have you met anyone you were totally starstruck by?

For sure! When I met Zendaya who is just a goddess My face was red and I could barely spit out my name, but luckily I did because I saw her later that day and I said hey again and she remembered it after seeing so many people.

Whats your favorite song at the moment?

Anything off Ariana Grande’s new album!

Can we expect a lot more video content up soon?

Yes! Some reaction videos have been taken down because of copyright, but I have been brainstorming ways around it!

Are you planning any collaborations for your channel anytime soon?

I have a friend who just started a channel who I did a photoshoot for a local brand with so You might see her sometime soon!

Like youtube, you also have a huge following on twitter. Has it been hard to grow an audience of over 10K on twitter?

It’s taken awhile, but it’s fun for me cause it’s like gaining a new person to talk to and hear from every time i gain a follower.

Last question, Many people in our generation are starting to create content to post on youtube. What advice can you give my followers about how to make yourself standout on such a big platform like youtube?

Have fun with it, even if your not gaining a big audience right away. Be you and post as much as you can!

We just wanted to say thank you again for doing this interview with us and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.

Of course, loved talking with you and would love to do it again in the future!

For Sure!