July 25, 2024

So guys, Can you introduce yourselves? Tell us something about each of you.

Hi I am Nolan (the Blonde). I play drums & piano a little guitar too. I primarily do back up vocals. I do some crazy drum stick twirling and have a secret passion for jazz music. I also recently won my division in piano and will be competing at the State Finals in April.

Jacob here. I play guitar & piano and a little drums too. I sing the main vocals. I like to joke around a lot and be crazy. Many people do not realize that Nolan & I are classically trained on the piano. Nolan and I are twins and we make up the band/duo The Fandino’s. We are 14.

You guys started your music career at a very young age, What inspired you guys to try music?

What inspired us was all the musical instruments in our house. Our Dad has a collection of guitars and a drum set. We started messing around with his gear and we were hooked. We actually come from a musical family. Our Great Grandfather was a professional Piano player in London. Our Dad was in a band in the 80’s & 90’s and our Uncle opened for acts like Poison.

What is it like being in a duo with your brother?

First of all it’s a lot of fun. Sure there are times when when get on each other’s nerves but we understand each other. We have a advantage because we both really understand music it’s easy for us which makes playing together much more fun. Jacob & I have perfect pitch which makes it really simple for us to figure out what key songs are in.

How would you describe your musical style?

Our musical style is pop rock energy driven and dynamic.

What artists do you look up to right now?

Wow so many! Justin Timberlake, Charlie Puth, Shawn Mendes. Bands like Cold Play, Foo Fighter, Twentyone Pilots & Daft Punk.

Can we expect any new original music soon?

Absolutely, we are working on two new original songs.

Are there any other projects in the works you can tell us about?

We have shows coming up. Our next one is April 13th. We will soon be going in the studio to record one of our original songs. We are hoping to start a weekly Live Broadcast Like Friday Nights with the Fandinos sometime in the near future.

You also do a lot of cover songs as well on instagram. What’s the process of choosing a cover song for you to sing?

We look for a good hook and a good melody. Of course it’s good to be something we enjoy playing.

What was your favorite cover song to record?

Perfect by One Direction

You guys recently attended Rock Your Hair in LA, Can you tell us about that experience? And How the opportunity to attend the show came up?

It was an amazing experience. A lot of talented artists there. Definitely made us want to rock that stage at Avalon Hollywood. How we got the opportunity to attend was we contacted Rock Your Hair about performing at their party in February but they had all the acts lined up. So they sent us an invite to attend so we went. It was great! Really awesome!

What’s your favorite song to perform live?

Definitely Wipeout/I’m a Believer (mashup). We have been playing that song for 3 years now. It’s a great summer song to play and people remember us by it. We play 18 songs live and we really love playing all the songs but that song is always fun to play.

Whats the feeling you get when your fans are singing back to you?

It’s awesome! It makes us feel that we have made a connection with the audience and that they really enjoy our song.

You guys also play a few instruments and do contests for your instrument playing. What instruments do each of you play and which one is your favorite?

Well I (Nolan) play drums, piano and some guitar and I (Jacob) play guitar, piano, drums and the ukulele. Mine (Nolan) is definitely the drums and mine (Jacob) is the guitar although the piano is pretty close.

Does your fanbase have a name yet?

Lol no! How can you get a better name then FANdino 🙂

How do you want your relationship to be with your fans?

We definitely want them to connect with us. We try and answer everyone that we can. We feel extremely lucky that they support us and they also have great comments.

What was the craziest fan encounter you have had?

Luckily we haven’t had that happen yet. Our fans have all been super cool!

What social media platform do you use most to stay connected to your fans?

We use Instagram mostly. Then probably Twitter. We have just recently signed up on musical.ly and Snapchat.

What’s an average day like for you guys?

Crazy busy! School comes first. We are up at 6:15am and leave for school at 7:30am. Our school starts at 8:10 and we get home from school at 4:10. Depending on the day we have drums, guitar or piano practice. Nolan & I normally come together after dinner to practice a couple of our songs. Then we catch up on social media and if we have time we play video games online with friends.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years in your career and personal life?

In 5 years we hope to be rocking some really big stages. Of course we hope that our fans have continued to follow our journey. Personally we will only be 19 so we would hope to continue to grow musically and hopefully learning from some of the best musician and vocalists around.

What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment so far in your career as singers?

Recently we have been nominated in three categories on a music chart in the U.K. We are up for Best Band Duo, Best Music Video and Best Original song. Also probably writing and recording our original song “It’s All Right”. We did everything on the record from writing it to playing all the instruments.

What goals have you guys set out for yourselves in your career and in your personal life?

Career wise we would like to perform on the West Coast. Hopefully in the near future we can perform in Los Angeles. Traveling, performing and meeting our fans in the US and abroad is definitely what we want to do. Personally we want to continue to grow musically and work with some of the great artists. It has always been important to us to giveback so that is something we will continue to do.

How has this whole music career experience been?

We love music so the experience has been great for us so far. We are really comfortable on stage. We have been performing on stage since we were 9. I (Nolan) can be kinda shy but when I get on stage it’s a completely different. I rock it out. It’s all really been exciting.

Do you have any advice for aspiring music artists?

Practice and keep learning. Find an artist you love and watch them perform. There are so many places you can learn from your favorite artist now. They are everywhere on social media. Never give up and believe.

Do you have any last things you want to tell your supporters?

We hope our fans continue on this journey with us. We appreciate all of our supporters and we love to hear from our fans. It’s really great getting to know them through social media.

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