July 24, 2024

Hey Rosie! So excited to be chatting with you! You are gearing up for the release of your second single, “La La”!! How excited are you to get this song out into the world?

I’m so excited, we have been working on it for a while and I can’t wait for everyone to hear my new mature sound!

What do you hope your supporters will think of the new song?

I’m hoping they will love it as much as I do! Also I’m hoping it will inspire people too!

Can you tell us the backstory of this song? Is it from a real experience?

Yes totally, the song is all about finding my voice and this being my time to shine, when I was younger and on the Ellen Show and other shows I didn’t even know I could sing and so I didn’t get the opportunity but now I’m so happy to share my music with you all.

You also have more music coming out in 2019!! Can you spill any details on what your supporters can look forward to next year?!?

I will be releasing new music every year and exploring different styles, my music will grow with my age, you will notice that from my first song to my latest song!

Do you have a creative say in your music? Did you help write all your new songs?

Absolutely, I co write with an amazing team in LA and we start the process with Skype calls first!

What’s it feel like to be releasing your own original music?

It’s a dream come true, I love being in the studio!

Will there be a music video for your new single? If so, can you tell us about the concept of the video 🙂

Yes, I’m so excited, my music video is out on my YouTube channel 3rd August and the story behind it is to encourage young girls and anyone to never give up on what they love to do, even when times are hard, stay true to yourself and you can achieve anything, basically if you don’t try then you’re never gonna know! #getyourwingsandfly

Is there anyone you want to thank that’s helped you get to where you are today?

Our music team, Griffith Frank, Heather Mikel and especially Jordan Richman Higgins for all your hard work and support creating the song and Nayip Ramos for the music video! Oh and my mum for working till 2am most nights to make all of this possible.

What do you think makes your fan community/fandom different from others?

I think I have the strongest fans that have been around from day one when I started on the Ellen show, I think my fans know and can trust I will always try to be true to myself and them!

How would you describe your fans? – what’s three words you would use to describe your fans?

Totally Amazingly Loyal

What do you want your message to be towards your fans? What do you want your fans to take away from your music and shows?

I would love my fans to have fun with my music and hopefully it will inspire them too!

Do you have any preshow rituals that help you get pumped up to meet your supporters?

Ok so I’ve never actually told anyone this before but this is something I’ve done since I was 5 and a producer that I still love so much from the Ellen show “Kara” used to tell me to spot my nervous bugs in the floor and stamp on them before a live show, and we literally used to do it right before we walked on set! I’m never actually that nervous anyway but it still helps.

Are you planning any shows to promote your new music?

Yes I am performing at the CBBC summer social festival on 3rd august in the UK alongside other acts like Pixie Lott, busted and max and Harvey.

What is it like performing in front of your fans? Are you excited to start performing your own music live!?!

I love it, it’s the best feeling ever.

What do you want your supporters to know that you think is important?

I want them to know I appreciate every one of them even though I can’t always reply to each and everyone!

What’s something your fans don’t know about you?

I’m allergic to Kiwi Fruit!

What’s one word you would use to describe what your fans have allowed you to accomplish?


With an already massive fanbase your fans must they have a name for themselves. What do your fans call themselves? And How did that fanbase name catch on?

My fans don’t actually have a name, I think we should make one up, maybe I’ll do a poll on my Instagram!

Many of your supporters are starstruck when they meet you Have you ever been starstruck?

Yes, I loved meeting Rianna

What do you want your fans to know if they ever see you in public?

Come and say hi!

Is there anyone in the music business you are dying to meet?

Lady Gaga

Why do you think social media is so important for artists like yourself?

It’s so helpful to tell people about what you are up to or share exciting news

What would you say is your biggest dream/goal right now?

To one day be a real life Disney princess!

Any last things you want to tell your supporters?

Check out my new song LaLa, it’s will be available to download and stream on 19th July and my music video will be released on my YouTube channel on 3rd August! I’m so excited!