June 19, 2024

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Carter Reynolds was born in North Carolina on May 24, 1996. He implemented a Twitter follower campaign called #CarterTo200k to help him reach 200,000 followers in January of 2014. It only took him 4 months to reach 1 million followers. How insane is that? If I tweeted that, I’d probably get one like and a new creepy old man stalker. Anyway, Carter is an original Magcon boy along with popular Vine stars, such as Aaron Carpenter, Taylor Caniff, Jack Johnson, Jack Gilinsky, Matthew Espinosa, Shawn Mendes, Nash Grier, and Cameron Dallas.

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While being a Vine star certainly has its ups, like thousands and thousands of screaming fans, touring, and spending your young years hanging out and making videos with your best friends, there is also downsides that come with fame as well. In 2015, Carter was dating his now ex-girlfriend Instagram celeb Maggie Lindemann, and let’s just say things took a turn. There was a private video of them that was shared with the world. The video is filmed from Reynolds’ point of view, with his pants pulled down and his…ummm…you know.. exposed. Lindemann tells him “I don’t think I can” and repeatedly stresses “I am really uncomfortable.” Reynolds tells her to “do it,” and “just pretend (the camera) isn’t there.” Lindemann eventually curls up and stops looking at the camera. It ends with Reynolds saying, “Oh my gosh, Maggie.” This struck a whole lot of controversy for obvious reasons. Whether you were a fan of Carter’s or not, they both had… a lot going on after that video was released. Maggie had to deactivate her account, fans were terrified that Carter had threatened to commit suicide, and Maggie even ended up in the hospital. Carter even accused Maggie of having relations with Vine star, Hayes Grier. Hopefully things between these two have calmed down a little.

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I think people are trying to make Carter seem like this awful person, but I feel as if he’s really sweet. At Matthew Espinosa’s new movie premiere, besides Matthew himself, Carter was the only person who stopped what he was doing to guarantee that he took a picture with everyone, so nobody was left out. The real him is that he is such a great guy but nobody really sees it and it is really sad.

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Carter is the type of person who loves. He has feelings just like every other person in the entire world. He loved his dog, Winnie, so much. “Still wishing this was all a dream… I miss you Winnie,” Carter Reynolds tweeted after his dog died in May of 2015. “I just drove 4 hours from Vegas so I can see Winnie for one last time .” He now has another dog named Mia and she is the cutest dog ever. I really wish that more people would give him a chance. He’s a human and he has made mistakes, but who hasn’t made a mistake?

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Carter was not allowed to tour with Magcon for reasons unknown. He felt really betrayed, but who wouldn’t? So, check him out on his Carter tour. He can’t wait to meet real fans and begin again. Whatever the future holds, good luck to you, Carter! We’re sending good vibes your way as you embark on this new journey in your life. If you are a fan of Carter, and are going to see him on tour let us know in the comments! If you’re just a fan of Carter in general, what is your favorite thing about Carter? Be sure to check back with us every single day for more news about your favorite celebrities.