July 19, 2024

Hey Toby, so excited to be chatting with you! What would you say brought on your passion for acting?

My sister … was really nice to see her on TV

What has been your favorite acting role to date?

Child player on Seberg

What would be your dream acting role?

Something like Avengers

Is there anyone you are dying to work/collaborate with in your acting career?

The Rock , John Cana

Do you have any projects in the works you can tell us about?

Old Man Jackson in TX and Prince Run TV Pilot

If you could have a gigantic billboard anywhere with anything on it — metaphorically speaking, getting a message out to millions or billions — what would it say and why? (If helpful, it can be someone else’s quote: Are there any quotes you think of often or live your life by?)

Always remember the friends that were by your side when you were not a big actor .. they are your real friends

What is your current go-to song?

Tootsie slide

What do you like to do during your free time?

Play video games

What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue a career in acting? What advice should they ignore?

To try hard every day .. and to never feel less that others

When you feel overwhelmed or unfocused, or have lost your focus temporarily, what do you do? 

Play video games

What social media platform do you use most? Where can people find out what projects you have going on?

IG little_toby_wayne and Facebook TobyCarter

Any last things you’d like to tell your supporters?

Thank you for keep supporting me

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions 🙂