May 25, 2024



You know how we’re so frickin’ excited for One Direction’s On the Road Again tour to kick off next month that we’ve essentially planned out everything from the setlist to the staging in our heads beforehand? Well now, in a bid to make us all hate January even more than we already do and scream ‘HURRY UP FEBRUARY’ across the office like a loon, a Niall Horan tour teaser Vine thingy’s been plonked on the internet. Hooray and hoorah.

Yup – remember how the Where We Are tour intro video was literally everything you could possibly want/need/desire and more? Well this is sort of along those lines, but all 2015 and shiny and new and shiz. Essentially it’s six seconds of Nialler doing various KOOKY things, and we’re gonna need a sit down tbh.

(We’re already sat down, but yeah.)


Have you ever wanted to see Niall looking upwards with a cutefused (cute and confused, duh) expression? Have you longed to see him with funny swirly purple eyes? Been dying to see him stare seductively into your eyeballs over the top of his Ray Ban Wayfarers? Well YOU’RE IN LUCK, BOO. He’s done all of those things, and he’s done them hard.

Check out Niall’s tour teaser-y thing right here, right nahhhh.

Six seconds of pure, unadulterated perfection. Christ alive.

What d’ya make of that, then? Buzzing for the tour? Dying to see the other lads’? Tweets @sugarscape would be fab, gracias.


SOURCE: Sugarscape