April 19, 2024
justin bieber, taylor swift
Should we all prepare ourselves for a Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift diss song battle? There’s talk that the Biebs is penning a track about T-Swift, and it definitely won’t be a love song.Hollywoodlife.com says that Justin “has plans to diss his haters” in his new music. A source told them that, “He has worked on songs hitting back at all his critics. There was even buzz that he was writing a diss song vaguely about Taylor Swift.”

While all of that might be awesome for those drama queens out there, GossipCop.com is shutting down the diss song talk. Their sources told them that it’s absolutely not true that Justin is writing a slam track about Taylor.

We honestly hope it doesn’t happen. That would be kind of lame on Justin’s part, don’t you think? Plus, Taylor’s busy dealing with Katy Perry‘s supposed diss tune right now. She’s reportedly planning on slamming her during her Super Bowl performance in a few weeks.

Do you think Justin will write a song about Tay? Think he should?

SOURCE: Cambio