June 17, 2024

Over the last 10 years technology has advanced so much, which allows many industries that use technology to advance for example, the music industry. The music industry uses technology for everything from recording the song to playing it on the radio. With all these factors of the music industry advancing, one of the biggest things that has advanced in a great way is music videos. Music videos are a commercial videotape featuring a performance of a popular song, often through a stylized dramatization by the performers with lip-synching and special effects. As you can read, special effects are used in these videos. Special effects are one of the biggest things that have advanced in technology today. I wanted to post some of my favorite music videos of today that have amazing special effects. Some artists that always make great music videos in my opinion are Taylor Swift, One Direction, Justin Bieber, Jack and Jack, Katy Perry and Shawn Mendes.

10 Top Music Videos


#10 Roar – Katy Perry

Roar is in the #10 spot because of the amazing animal and scenery references.

#9 Wear Em Out – Kendall Vertes

Kendall is a star on the hit show Dance Moms and this is her first single and thats why it is in the #9 spot.

#8 Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

The Dancing and meaning of the song is why it is in the #8 spot.

#7 Life Of The Party – Shawn Mendes

The guest appearances of Nash and Cameron Dallas and other vine stars is why so many people love watching it. This song is also Shawn’s first single which is why it is in the #7 spot.

#6 Best Song Ever – One Direction

The upbeat nature of this music video makes it #6.

#5 Where Are U Now? – Skrillex and Diplo Ft. Justin Bieber

First Music Video Justin has been in since all of his arrest scares.

#4 California – Jack and Jack

California was on Jack and Jack’s first ever EP which was in the #1 spot on the U.S.  iTunes chart for more than 24hrs. Thats why it is in the #4 spot.

#3 Stitches – Shawn Mendes

Stitches is in the #3 because of the special effects. Shawn looks like he is being beat up by a imaginary force.

#2 Bad Blood – Taylor Swift

Bad Blood Music Video was premiered at Billboard Music Awards and thats why it is in the #2 spot. It became the most watched music videoi n a 24hr period with 20.1 million views.

#1 Drag Me Down – One Direction

DMD is in the #1 Spot because it is their first music video as well as first single without former member Zayn Malik.

And I might not have said everyones favorite, but these are just the music videos from the last 2 years.

Some of my other favs from before 2 years ago are

What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction

Year 3000 – Jonas Brothers

Baby – Justin Bieber

Party In The U.S.A – Miley Cyrus

One Time – Justin Bieber