May 29, 2024

How did you first get into dance?

My mom was a dancer so as soon I was 2 years old, she tried me out in a dance class. Some kids in my class were still in diapers! Turns out…. I LOVED it!!

How would you describe your dance style?

I love all styles of dance, but I am very ballet based, so no matter what genre I’m doing, I have strong technical base to my dancing.

Who would you say has influenced you the most in your dancing career?

I think Abby Lee Miller has influenced me the most. I have been working with her on and off since I was 7 years old and she has taught me so many valuable tricks of the trade. She has trained many professional dancers and she has shared some of those secrets with me!

What dancer are you influenced by the most?

Let’s just say if I could BE Dusty Button…I would. Lol. Just kidding, I want to be myself, but she is an amazing influence on my dancing. Her technique and her personality are both just as stunning.

Is there any dancer you are dying to work with?

I would love to work with Briar Nolet. Her athleticism and her passion are simply amazing. I think together we could create something amazing!

Can you tell us how its been since you started on the mini team? 

It’s been a whirlwind! When I came onto Dance Moms, I joined the mini team. However, the next season the mini team was eliminated and Abby got to keep only two minis to dance with the older girls. I’m so grateful she chose me! Now, on season 8, other than myself, we have a whole brand new team! The show has changed so much but I have created such great friendships!

Who would you say was the most welcoming from the elite team when you first arrived?

Brynn was so welcoming to me! I really saw her (and still do) as a big sister. She was so sweet. She used to braid my hair and help me with my makeup. We had a lot of silly times…she is so special!

A lot of fans watched you week after week on Dance Moms. How excited are you for your fans to watch the new season of Dance Moms?

I am so excited for my fans to see the new season. I feel like I’m a bigger part of the show now than I was before as I get to dance every week! My castmates are all amazing dancers and we do a lot of controversial pieces. I can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction!

What is the process to learn one of Abby’s dances?

Believe it or not, we learn these dances in just a few hours. In fact, I have learned entire solos in under an hour and then had to compete! Abby is very into dance terminology, so instead of showing us what to do, she often tells us. After a while, you learn each other quite well, and it’s a smooth and quick process.

Do you like performing live?

I love performing live! There is nothing like the adrenaline rush of performing for a live audience. I really feel the energy from the audience and use that to improve my performance as much as I can.

How do you prepare for a live performance?

Right before I go onstage, I pray 15 times (has to be 15!) and I have secret handshakes with my friends. We might look crazy backstage, but whatever works, right?!

Which of the dances that you have worked on so far has been your favorite?

My favorite dance in season 8 is called “Straight Escape.” It’s a solo and it’s WILD. I can’t give too much away, but let’s just say I couldn’t use my arms….AT ALL.

What’s an average week like for you during dance season?

When I’m filming Dance Moms, we film interviews on Tuesday. On Wednesday and Thursday we film pyramid and rehearsals. On most Fridays we travel to competition and all day Saturday we have competition!

What dance classes do you usually take each week?

Typically, I will have classes in ballet, pointe, and contemporary.

With you just starting your career as a dancer, what goals have you set for yourself in your dancing career?

I would actually love to use my dancing in other areas such as TV, Film, or Broadway. I feel like, these days, you have to be a triple threat!

How do you manage school with all the dance classes you do? – Are you homeschooled? 

I have been homeschooled since I was in second grade, when I started Dance Moms. I have a online homeschool program that I use both at home and when I’m filming the show. When we are filming, we have a set teacher and we have school every day just like everyone else!

What’s an average day for you look like?

When we are filming, we wake up at about 5am because our call time is 7am. I go straight into school until about 8:30 and then we start filming the show (dancing!). We have a lunch break and then film until about 3pm. Then we head back to school until 4;30. At night, we take dance class, practice, make our costumes, and of course…call home!

If Hollywood made a “Lilly K Movie”, who would you want to play you?

I would pick Millie Bobby Brown, just because I want to meet her. I know she is older than me, has brown hair, and may not dance….but STILL! I just love her! Lol!

What’s your favorite style of dance and why?

I love both ballet and contemporary. Some dancers only take ballet because they have to but I love it. I love the beauty of ballet. Plus, the technique you learn in ballet can be applied to all other genres.

You have gained a huge following on Instagram. Why do you think social media is so important for a dancers career?

I think it helps you be seen, which helps you get get jobs.  In fact, Abby Lee Miller found me on Instagram and that’s how I got on Dance Moms!

How often do you post on your social media accounts? 

I try to post on Instagram once per day. My YouTube is more variable. I get on a roll for awhile but then I get busy or travel and I slow down. My goal is to post at least once a week on YouTube!

What social media platform do you use most to stay connected to your fans?

I try to stay connected the most on Instagram. I always try to read all of my comments and respond to as many as I can!

Whats your favorite filter to use on instagram?

My favorite filter is definitely Clarendon, but I reduce the intensity to make it more realistic!

Since you started your dance career at a young age and know the hard work that goes into becoming a successful dancer, what advice can you give to aspiring young dancers like yourself?

The best advice I can give is to just be yourself. Not everyone is the same and no one should be the same! In dance, everyone has special talents..find yours and show it off to the world!

How has this whole dancing career experience been so far?

It’s been great! I have made so many friendships because of it and have traveled to so many places. I would have never had these experiences without dance!

If you weren’t doing dance, what do you think you would be doing?

I would be auditioning every day for acting jobs!

What’s your top three songs on your playlist right now? And why?

When the Party’s Over, My Boy, and You Should See me in a Crown, all by Billy Eilish. Can you tell I’m obsessed with her? I love that she has an original sound and her vocal range is amazing!

Do you have any last things you want to say to your fans?

I just want to say thank you to each and every one of them! If it weren’t for my fans, my life would be completely different…so THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!