April 13, 2024

Hey Sydney! So excited to be chatting with you! How have you been during this crazy time? Can you spill any fun tips to keep your supporters happy and productive during this time at home?

Hi there! Thank you for chatting with me!! It has definitely been interesting navigating this new way of life. I don’t think we get enough time to actually relax and stop for a moment in America and that makes this intense free time hard for most of us. What I found to be most effective in boosting my mood was making sure to tell my friends how I was feeling. Sharing those feelings let me know that I was not alone as I felt. There was also much to be gained when I made a weekly routine for myself. It gave each day meaning so I could look forward to something like walking on the beach with my dad on Sundays! (Gotta love Florida!)

Can you spill any details on what your supporters can look forward to from you this summer?!?

Everyone can look forward to a summer of expansion! New approaches to music that I haven’t done before. Using more visual media to showcase the stories behind my songs!

You just announced the release of your new single “End Of The Night”!! Can you tell us what this song means to you? How did this song come about?

End of the Night is a look into my exact thoughts during a terribly handled breakup in January. The boy just kind of disappeared without much explanation at all after telling me he loved me. I journal when I am really happy or super upset, and I just so happened to jot down the hook of the song before the relationship fell apart. “We say we’re fine but we’re not alright, he didn’t say I love you tonight”This song was another way for me to process those emotions as I went through them all alone. Now I know that I can never truly be alone in music because someone else can understand!

What’s it feel like to be releasing your own original content?

I will never take an original release for granted. This has been the most beautiful blessing to express my feelings through something so truly magical. Music is something that just touches the soul, and this new music is the entire soul and heart of every musician and producer involved as much as mine. Heres a list of those amazing musicians: Dustin Painter (Producer), Dallas Jack(Guitar and Mastering), Andrew Poe(Acoustic), Benjamin Warsaw(Bass), Brandon Salewsky(drums), Trey Strange(Co-Writer). I truthfully couldn’t have pulled my original content together without those amazing humans.

Do you have a favorite song you’re releasing this summer?

This is like choosing a favorite child, but I must say I am most excited about End of the Night. Maybe it’s something about getting back at my ex in a song…

What is your current go-to song?

Right now the song I have on repeat is “Death Bed” by Powfu. The title sounds so much more intense than the song haha. If you watch TikToks, It’s the adorable “coffee for your head” song. Perfect because it is so calming and also mentions coffee which is my favorite drink!
What is your favorite social media platform?
I’ve got to say Instagram is my most used platform. I take a lot of photos and Instagram is the perfect platform to share glimpses into my life on the day-to-day!

What would you say is your biggest dream/goal right now?

As a goal-oriented individual, I have two large goals and dreams in my life right now. 

1. Working as hard as I can over summer to get my music out to as many ears as possible, to inspire and share my love of life!

2. And to help the community for the better during this time of need. I went back to work at Target as soon as I could, because I knew I could help where others couldn’t.

Any last things you want to tell your supporters?

I want to just say a huge thank you to anyone who has pre-saved, streamed, followed, bought a ticket, or even showed up to support me in my music career. I would not have anyone to inspire, sing to, or interact with if it wasn’t for you. Everything you do supports my life dream. And that means more than anything to me.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview.

Thank you so much for this opportunity!!