June 15, 2024

LA-based singer/songwriter Liddy Clark released 2022 singles “Floodzone” and “Potential” among others; the latter track expertly breaking down the unfiltered thoughts of being a 20-something and living up to the potential mapped out for you. The raw and relatable song will resonate with anyone waiting for their chance in the world. Liddy has mastered the art of lyricism, pinning down the verses that perfectly encapsulate her art, drenched in emotion. The artist builds instant connection with listeners, crafting her music in an honest way, unafraid to tell her story of vulnerability.

Check out our chat with Liddy below, and be sure to keep up with her on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter.

Hey Liddy, congrats on the release of your newest song “Potential.”  Can you share a bit of the backstory behind the song? 

Yes! I wrote this song based on the idea of feeling like other people have high expectations of you. The thing is, sometimes these expectations can make you feel like you’ll never be great, just the potential to be great. So I wrote this song as an anthem for anyone who feels down and afraid of their potential being wasted. It’s a mental health anthem, a lot of venting went into this song. 

You write all of your own music, is there ever a time you’ve experienced the dreaded “writer’s block?” 

Absolutely. It happens every so often, and all you can really do is go through it. I like to keep writing, even if I feel like what I’m writing is terrible, because at least I’m staying in the habit of consistently writing. 

On the other hand, has a song ever come together quicker than expected?  What’s the shortest time a song has ever taken you to write? 

I’ve written songs in 20 minutes before, not a ton of them but it has happened! It’s whenever a song is so simple that it doesn’t need a ton of extra thought, just the first things that come to mind (which usually end up being the best)

Do you often find inspiration while living your daily life?  What would you say is your craziest example of finding inspiration in unexpected places? 

I do! I honestly find a lot of inspiration in media these days whether it be a TV show I’m binging on Netflix or a random TikTok I scroll across. I’ve written a song from the Bachelorette’s perspective before while in quarantine, it’s actually already released! (Wrapped up in Roses)

“Potential” is just your latest single from a year filled with great new music.  What are your plans for 2023? 

I’m planning on releasing my full length project in early 2023! I’ve already got all of the songs ready and I’m currently writing and recording for my next project as well.

As an L.A. resident, what are some of your favorite food stops and places to visit? 

So many great places in L.A.! For NY Style pizza, the Village Pizzeria in Larchmont is essential. Salt and Straw is a classic for great ice cream. Din Tai Fung is one of my favorite places for Asian food. Also, Electric Karma in mid city is super great for Indian food!

You’ve been very vocal about many important causes such as gun violence in schools, animal adoption and more.  It’s great to see someone using their platform for good – what inspires you to speak out on these topics?  

Personally, I feel very passionate about these topics, so it would feel ingenuine if I didn’t speak about them as an artist. I feel like it’s important to talk about these issues and hopefully move people in the right direction to solve them. 

As a savvy social media artist, which would you say is your favorite platform and why? 

There’s pros and cons to all, but lately Twitter has been my favorite place for comedy (which is what I love to look at on the internet when given the choice).

TikTok has been a huge aspect of your success – do you have any tips for someone looking to rack up views and likes? 

Consistency is key! Posting for a while and creating a niche of content seems to be the key to creating a social personality that people want to follow. 

Thanks so much for speaking with us Liddy!  To end our chat could you leave readers with your favorite inspirational quote or mantra? 

Yes! It’s cheesy, but I really like the quote that says “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end”