July 21, 2024

Hey Eliza! So excited to be chatting with you! What inspired you to pursue music?

I was staring at my dog one day and a little melody came into my head, which turned into a song about how much I loved her. I had been involved in theatre for the majority of my childhood, so it made sense to me to sing about what I was feeling. 

Can you tell us a little bit about you?

Oh my, these are always the hardest. I’m really happy that I’m a songwriter. It feels so great to be able to express myself this way and have this kind of an outlet. I trip a lot on objects that shouldn’t be tripped on. I love poetry and little notes that are hidden in rooms to be found later. My favorite candy is peach rings. There’s lots more I can say, I think I’ll leave it there. 

What artists do you look up to right now?

I think Kacey Musgraves is an angel. I listened to a lot of Dixie Chicks as a kid and John Denver had a big influence on my writing. I’m always in awe of Beyonce. I admire Taylor Swift as a songwriter, A LOT. Miley Cyrus has handled the business very well and I look up to her poise and maturity as she’s grown up in the spotlight. 

You just released your new single “I’ve Got A Plane”! How excited are you that this song is finally out into the world?!?

I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS SONG! This is one of the more intimate and vulnerable songs I’ve done, and it’s insane to see people respond to it and feel something from the words I wrote. 

Listen To “I’ve Got A Plane” Now – https://spoti.fi/2KRVZwr

Can you tell us about what this song means to you?

This song is really special to me. It reminds me of a really beautiful time in South Africa and also reminds me to appreciate the moment. Time is never stopping. There is nothing we can do about that, which is hard for me to accept sometimes. We just have to always remember that now is now, and tomorrow is tomorrow, as difficult as that may be. 

You are also gearing up for the release of your upcoming EP “The Pineapple EP”!! How excited are you to get this project out into the world?

SUPER PUMPED! This is for sure the proudest I’ve ever been of a project I’ve done. I want little kids to sing these songs to themselves and realize that loving themselves is actually pretty cool. 

Any fun moments while creating the EP?

Many! My producer Kyle refuses to sing. Like no matter how many times I ask him, he will vow that he will never sing a word in his life. I was super persistent with wanting this to happen, so one night after many hours in the studio, he finally got up and sang on one of my songs and I actually cried laughing. He was having so much fun, and it was like something he had tried to keep quiet for so long was finally let out. We didn’t use any of his track in the song, but it was my favorite moment. BY FAR. 

What song are you most excited to perform from this new EP?

Definitely “Morning”. 

What does it feel like to perform your own music live in front of your supporters?

It’s super cool and rewarding to look into a crowd and see people sing your lyrics back to you. Especially if it’s a more vulnerable song. Say I’m singing about feeling alone. And then I look into the crowd and people are singing that right back to me. It’s a nice reminder that no matter how isolating something may feel, there is always someone else who might have felt what you’re feeling or can relate to you. Nothing better than that. 

Are you planning to tour to promote this EP?

I would love to tour around North Carolina. I have some things I’m working on which you will be sure to hear about!

How do you want your relationship to be with your supporters?

I want it to feel like talking to an old friend. One you haven’t heard from in a while, but when you see them, you pick up right where you left off. Also, I like it when they send me funny things on social media. That should never stop. 

What was the craziest fan encounter you have had?

This one guy emailed me asking if I liked hot sauce and if so how much hot sauce would be appropriate to send. I’m not the biggest fan of spicy food but I’m trying to train my self to like it more. I haven’t gotten any hot sauce from him but I’ll be sure to reach out if I change my mind. 

What social media platform do you use most to stay connected to your supporters?

I’m a big fan of Instagram. ALSO! I followed a bunch of accounts that focus on positivity and how to lead a happy life which is great. Social Media scares me sometimes, but those accounts have made it better. I highly recommend doing something like that, if you’re into that sort of thing. 

Are there any other projects in the works you can tell us about?

Videos are coming and some fun collaborations are on the way!

Do you have any last things you want to tell your supporters?

Drink water. 

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with us.

Thank you!