July 19, 2024

The Drop: Shawn Mendes

Last week teen popstar, Shawn Mendes released his second album, “Illuminate”. Shawn has been doing nonstop promotion for his new album the last two weeks. He even set up pop up shops where the first 250 fans to buy his album at the shops would get to meet him and take a professional photo with him. Shawn also made appearances on Ellen, The Late Late Show With James Corden, and The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. But his most impressive accomplishment this week isn’t releasing his new album, its him getting the chance to perform at the renowned Grammy Museum.

The Drop: Shawn Mendes

On the night of September 27th, Shawn Mendes got the chance to be interviewed and perform at the Grammy Museum. The Grammy Museum is an intimate venue that only holds around 200 people. I arrived outside the venue at 2:00pm and there were about 15-20 people in front of me. We waited till 6:30pm and then picked up our tickets. If you had a membership you would go in first, if you didn’t have a membership you went into another line and they would let you in at 7:30pm. Once let in we were allowed to pick any seat that didn’t have a reserved sign on it.

Andrew Gertler and David Massey (Shawn’s Managers) actually were in the audience.

The Drop: Shawn MendesShawn talked about the album during the interview saying “Hold On” was the longest song to perfect becuase the song was for his dad. He also talked about writing his first song and how supportive his parents were. He told us he started posting his vines because of boredom. He then started to see a following and at about 300K his parents started to see that this could turn into a career. He then told us he sat down with his parents and had a deep conversation with them about him wanting to become a singer. His dad said, “Can you write a song?” and about 3 hrs later his first song was created.

The Drop: Shawn Mendes

Shawn told us what artists he is influenced by: John Mayer, Taylor Swift, and Ed Sheeran. He talked about how he is excited for the new tour. He told us the first time he heard himself on the radio was when him and his dad were on there way home from the Austin Mahone Tour and they had just crossed the border into Canada and the radio host annnounced, “Next up is “Life Of The Party” by the talented Shawn Mendes”. He said, “It was so cool how I could experience that moment with my dad.” Shawn told us how Taylor and Ed both taught him to never stop working hard and never turn down any interviews (to a certian point Andrew lol).

The Drop: Shawn Mendes

Shawn then tolad us, “I have to pee real quick” haha. He then came back and started playing the piano. He warned us that he was still learning and he even messed up a little and was like am I even on the right tune. We all just went along with it and laughed with him about it. During the set, Shawn changed guitars each time. One of the best parts of the night was during the song “Ruin” Shawn asked us to sing “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind”  after he sang it. He even asked one of his managers, David Massey, to sing as well lol. – “You guys know my labels here David sing it out sing Do I Ever Cross Your Mind? Sing It Out David” and David kinda slid down his seat hah.

The Drop: Shawn Mendes

This was defintiley one of the best concerts I have been to because of the intimacy you have with being so close to the artist!

Special Thanks To Shawn And The Grammy Museum For A Great Night!

The Drop: Shawn Mendes

Shawn’s Set List:

Life Of The Party


Three Empty Words

Like This


Don’t Be A Fool

Treat You Better


Photo Credits: Mark Sullivan/WireImage.com