June 15, 2024

Your new single, “Seventeen” has gotten an amazing reaction from your supporters. What has been your thought about the reaction of the song?

I’m so glad people are liking the song! Seeing something you wrote be embraced and hopefully be related to is such a good feeling.

Can you tell us the meaning of the song?

Putting yourself out there can be hard enough, let alone being Gen Z and having a whole new set of do’s and don’ts of how dating is supposed to go. Now people call dates “hanging out”, call me old fashioned but I laugh when I hear that term. If we go out to dinner or something and both parties are into each other then just call it a date and make it easier! It’s really about not letting a bad relationship/breakup get you down. It takes awhile to get back up again but when you do you have to be in the right mindset or else you just feel like you’re rebounding. That’s a tough situation for both parties, or just for you if you’re dating a player, stay away from those!

What’s the process of writing one of your songs?

When writing a song the words will flow fairly easily. I just write my feelings into lyrics, if I’m crushing on somebody and I write about them then I know I really like them! If somebody hurts me in a way that impacts me deeply I write about it, even if I never release it it’s therapeutic and helps me process. A lot of my songs are about relationships because that’s what I know, taking charge of my own narrative is empowering and sets me free from whatever hold a past boyfriend may have had on me.

How did the idea for the music video come about?

Funny thing is, I was in the booth recording one of the choruses and then it hit me that I wanted it to be at the pier. Seventeen has such an upbeat feel that I wanted it to be full of imagery and be colorful, the Santa Monica Pier is so full of life and embodies all of that.

Any fun moments while creating the music video?

I got to ride the ferris wheel in one of the scenes and also got picked up a lot and spun around, that’s always fun. It’s funny cause I met my love interest in the video the day of and then all of a sudden he was carrying me!

Do you have a creative say in your music and videos?

Right now I’m an independent arist, so I green light everything, write the songs, and decide who I want to work with. I always want to write, regardless of if I’m signed or not, because it’s very important for me to be singing songs I feel strongly connected to. With videos I love being creatively involved but also have no problem stepping aside and letting my directors do their work.

Are there any other fun projects in the works you can tell us about?

Recently I’ve been modeling for some really cool clothing brands such as Betsey Johnson and The Lonely Hearts Club. It’s really fun trying on all the clothes! I’m also working on a couple covers in the studio that I’ll be releasing soon on my Youtube channel.

What’s an average day like for you?

I usually start out my day with a Starbucks pink drink, sounds cliché but I love my Starbucks! After that I either volunteer at my local dog rescue or find somewhere to read. I just finished “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before“. I always have a book in my purse for any down time I have in between meetings or events. Other than that, when I’m not doing a shoot or anything music related I just like to spend time with my two dogs Fred and Toulouse.

What social media platform do you use most to stay connected to your supporters?

I love Twitter! It’s a platform where I can really engage with my fans and get to know them a bit more. Instagram is great too, I post almost every day. I try to keep an aesthetic but it’s really hard to plan out a feed and then stick to it. Sometimes I just wanna post a cute selfie with my dog!

What do you think is the benefit of having a following on social media in the music industry?

I think it’s made the artist to fan connection so much more personal than in the past. Here you have so many people from all over the world and they know your favorite food, can see what you’re doing, and what you care about. There’s so much more to it now than just liking the music, I feel like my fans are my friends and I get to share my diary with them.

Do you have any last things to tell your supporters?

Just a huge thank you. They see something in me that makes them support me and for that I’m forever humbled and grateful.