July 21, 2024

Hey Rilan! So excited to be chatting with you! You just released your new single “Love or Drugs” & it’s awesome! It’s so catchy! What do you hope your fans will think of the new song?

Thank you so much. I’m so glad you think so. When I hear people singing along, I feel like I did my job right, you know? I hope people dance to it. It’s edgy and energetic and out there, and I hope everyone gets weird and moves around like a fool whenever they hear it because that’s what I do.

Can you tell us the backstory of this song? Is it from a real experience?

Yes. Everything I write is something I’ve experienced or witnessed. I don’t know how to lie in my music, so I never will. “Love or Drugs” is about party culture. I was always the weird kid growing up. I was never invited to a single party in high school, and when I moved to LA, that didn’t change. I still didn’t fit in. I still don’t. The song and the video are both satirical. They’re about putting myself in the shoes of the cool kids. I tried to have a good time at the party, but at the end of the night, I’m still not cool, and I’m cool with that. I think being cool is vastly overrated. I’d rather be weird and myself than pretend to be someone I’m not who I don’t even like. I feel like a lot of kids can relate to that too.

You also have more music coming out in 2019!! Can you spill any details on what your supporters can look forward to the rest of the year?!?

I do. Prepare yourself for an EP full of edgy pop. Get ready to dance to the music and cry to the lyrics and then talk about it with me sometime. I’d love to hear what you think of my ridiculousness.

Do you have a creative say in your music? Did you help write all your new songs?

I write all of my own songs. I’m an artist, and as an artist, I have something to say. I don’t see the world as it is; I see it as I want it to be. That’s my job: to make reality into my own fantasy world through my music. That starts with my lyrics. It extends into everything else I do, from my videos to my performances to what I wear each and every day. I have my hand and heart and soul in everything I do, and I always will.

What’s it feel like to be releasing your own original music?

It’s my dream. It’s been my dream since as far back as I can remember. I’m not one to talk about how I feel, so the best way to get to know me is through my music. It’s my deepest secrets. Anything you’d ever want to know about me is in my music.

Can you tell us about the concept of the video 🙂

The video for “Love or Drugs” is the coolest party I’ve never been to. It’s what I imagine the cool kids are doing behind closed doors. It’s outrageous and fantastical and ridiculous, and that’s what I am as an artist. I’m weird and crazy and maniacal, and you’ll see that in everything I do.

Is there anyone you want to thank that’s helped you get to where you are today?

My manager, Randy Jackson, has been my biggest champion. He believes in me more than myself at times, and that’s the best thing I could ever ask for. Also, my choreographer, Richy Jackson, always pushes me to be exactly who I am even when others don’t understand me. However, the two people who I have to thank more than anyone are my parents. They’re a part of my team, and we work together every single day. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

What do you think makes your fan community/fandom different from others?

We’re misfits. We’re outsiders. We’re the weird kids. We don’t look alike, we don’t think like everyone else, and that’s exactly the way we like it. We’re not afraid to be ourselves in a world where everyone wants to put you in a box for their own comfort. We’re here to make the comfortable uncomfortable. It’s our time in the spotlight now.

How would you describe your fans? – what’s three words you would use to describe your fans?

My people are strange, insane, and inspired. They’re the future, and they’re taking over.

What do you want your fans to take away from your music and shows?

I don’t refer to fans as “fans.” I usually refer people that like me as “us” and “we” because they’re just like me. They’re non-conformists in a world full of conformity. I get how hard that is, but I’ve never stopped being myself no matter what and neither have they. That’s what I hope you know. I’m like you, and I get it. We’re about to take over the world together, so get ready for it.

Do you have any preshow rituals that help you get pumped up to meet your supporters?

I just remind myself that I’m a rockstar. That usually does the trick.

Are you planning any shows to promote your new music?

Many. Stay tuned for when I’m in a city near you.

What is it like performing in front of fans? Are you excited to start performing your own music live!?!

Performing is my life. The stage is my home. There’s nowhere I would rather be than performing for the world. I’m ready to give you guys shows you’ve never seen before. That’s my specialty.

What do you want your supporters to know that you think is important?

Individuality. Without it, you’re everyone else. And why would you ever want to be anyone but yourself? I wouldn’t.

What’s something your fans don’t know about you?

I’m down to Earth, but I’m not from this planet.

What’s one word you would use to describe what your fans have allowed you to accomplish?

Happiness. Nothing makes me happier than hearing my songs be sung and performing my music for you. Thank you for making me happy. It feels weird to smile, but I’m so grateful that I am.

What do you want your fans to know if they ever see you in public?

Come talk to me. If you don’t, I’ll be seriously offended.

Is there anyone in the music business you are dying to meet? Have you ever been starstruck?

They’re all dead now, so I’ll wait.

Why do you think social media is so important for artists like yourself?

I’ll be the first to say that I hate social media. It’s skewed music in the wrong direction. No longer do people care about music. They care about metrics and statistics. No longer do people care about artists. They care about followings and numbers. That’s not what music is about. Music feeds the soul before it fills anyone’s pockets. That will always be the case no matter what anyone tells you. Luckily, social media has allowed me to find people that still believe that in these confusing times, and for them I’m grateful. I really appreciate everyone who follows me when they could easily follow reality stars and famous “influencers” instead, and I thank them. Keep talking to me. I hear you guys, and we’re going to change things.

What would you say is your biggest dream/goal right now?

To take over the world. I’ll make it better, don’t worry.

Any last things you want to tell your fans?

I hate people, but I love you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview!

Thank you so much. I also love you guys too.