May 19, 2024

Raegan Beast sits down with TMI to talk about his music plans for 2017. The interview starts off with him telling us how he first started getting noticed by his fans (razzlers) on YouNow. His fans on YouNow told him about the app and said he should post some of his covers on the app. He then decided to try it out. At the moment, is Raegan’s most followed platform with a following of 428k. When Raegan started to gain a mass amount of followers on, he got invited to be apart of the Arctic Lights Tour. He tells us he hopes to go on his own tour soon, but at the moment he is just doing some shows. He also tells us how he aspires to be like Justin Bieber since his voice is similar to Justin’s voice. To hear more about Raegan’s music plans for 2017, watch the full interview!

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