April 20, 2024
Answered by the following Bright Ones members- Josie Buchanan, Peyton Allen and Chloe’ Vassallo

How did you guys become a group?

Chloe: It started about 4 or 5 years ago when we started taking a Hip Hop dance class at our school (Bethel Christian School), taught by choreographer and my dad , Fred Vassallo. My dad started taking us to perform for different events around town. One of the events was a fundraiser sponsored by Bethel Music, and the CEO Joel Taylor saw what we were doing with dance and music and felt this was the missing ingredient to music for youth. That’s when Bright Ones formed. We did our first album, Come Alive, and have been together since.

Josie: When I heard Bethel Music was going to be making an album with a new group for youth, I auditioned, as did everyone else, and after we had gotten in, it was like we became one big close-knit family. It’s been that way ever since.

How did you guys come up with the group name Bright Ones & what’s the meaning of the name?

Josie: Bright Ones isn’t just our name, it’s who we are. We’ve been given this platform to stand on and shine for something more than ourselves, giving other people permission to do the same wherever they are at.

Peyton: Like the meaning of the title track “Bright Ones,” we are meant to be lights to this world.

Chloe: The name came from one of the songs on the album “Bright Ones” which was an original song written for this album – when we were still called Bethel Music Kids.

Can you tell us a little something about the group?

Josie: Our group is sooooo close. We are all friends and we hang out all the time outside of rehearsals and performances. Everyone is so respectful to one another and we all are so supportive of everything each person is doing and going after.

Peyton: I’ll say there’s never a dull moment with our group. We have been doing projects together for long enough to where we all feel like family and when we are all together we are always laughing and having fun.

Chloe: All of us sing and dance!

Can you explain the message your group is trying to give to your supporters?

Josie: We want especially youth to know that just because you’re young, doesn’t mean you’re a step behind everyone else. We want to be an inspiration for kids/teens who are going after something that may seem impossible.

What is it like being in this group? And What’s the difference from going from being solo artists to becoming a group?

Josie: Even though we have frequent rehearsals and performances, each one feels the same as if we were all to be just hanging out. Every rehearsal ends up being so much fun and it’s something that I always look forward to. Being in this group takes hard work but being surrounded by such amazing people makes it feel so easy.

Peyton: Being in a group is great, collaborating with all the other singers is so fun.

Chloe: I feel like being in a group is great because you’re surrounded by a group of people going through the same thing. It’s easier to go through things together– because we’ve become each other’s friends, and we support one another and help each other.  

How would you describe your musical style as a group?

Josie: Our music is upbeat, and easy to move to. It gets you going and makes you wanna’ get out of your seat and dance.

Peyton: I’d say it’s upbeat and easy to dance to pop music.

Whats the difference from your group and all groups that have come before you?

Josie: I’d say the difference between our group and all of the ones that have come before us, is that each person in our group is so passionate about wanting to influence every person that hears one of our songs or watches us dance. We want to make an impact on more than just the youth, but adults too.

Peyton: I think our group has evolved as a team, but what’s awesome about our group is we’ve been together since the first album. We are all awesome friends.

You guys just released your new self-titled album and it has gotten an amazing reaction from your supporters. What has been your thought about the reaction of the album?

Josie: It is amazing. It’s nothing like what I expected it to be. I have only gotten positive feedback which is so reassuring, and I am so thankful for the amount of support that everyone has given it.

Peyton: I’m blown away from the support we’ve got from everyone and it’s just made me so thankful to be where I am and to be on this project.

Chloe: It’s really awesome to see how everybody loved it and all our fans’ reactions.

How did the idea for this album come about?

Chloe: Well the album songs and creative direction came from our director, Fred Vassallo. As a whole, we wanted to make it different from the Come Alive album and the Christmas album because well we got older and almost all of us are teenagers we wanted it to feel more grown-up. So, we added a couple different genres of music into the album and some of the songs are originals from Bethel Music Collective and a few other writers, including mom, Dominique .

What topics do you guys cover in this album?

Peyton: I think a big thing covered in this album is overcoming obstacles and the process of pushing through hard things. For instance “Your Gonna’ Be Okay” is an encouragement to lift someone up. “No Longer Slaves” is like a declaration of victory and conquering fear.

Any fun moments while creating the album?

Peyton: I think the most fun was recording group songs. We all just got to be together in the studio and sing and working with the producers was also really fun.

Chloe: Well for me that was my first time ever really singing in front of people besides my family so I was little nervous, but I’ve been dancing for so long so once I started singing to the beat and everything, it just flowed and I wasn’t nervous anymore. It was super fun.

What’s the process of writing one of your songs?

Peyton: Most of the album consists of covers from past Bethel Music albums and the rest were originals from producers or writers.

What’s been your favorite song to sing and why?

Peyton: My favorite song to sing in was probably “We Dance.” The song itself is already fun so the process of recording it with Josie was a blast.

Do you guys have a creative say in your music and videos?

Josie: We have a creative say when it comes to how we want to sing our songs stylistically.

Chloe: That’s one of the things our Director is building right now, the ability for us to have greater input on the music, videos and brand so that we have an ability to speak into what we are doing.

What do you hope to gain out of your music careers?

Josie: I hope that I can use my platform to speak about things that I’m passionate about and also give people the freedom to have a creative outlet through music.

Peyton: I just want to make music. I love making music and the process of making a good song and as long as that’s what I’m doing that’s fine by me.

Chloe: I want to help people and inspire people to be able to use their platforms for good and to help people who are starting their own careers and need help. I want to use my platform to be a good role model to kids and to show them you can do anything and nothing will stop you if you surround yourself with people like friends and family.

Are you guys planning on touring or doing any shows anytime soon?

Chloe: We have a big event called TRIBE Kids conference that we are doing in Los Angeles area in July and then we hope to tour this fall 2018.

What’s the feeling you guys get when performing in front of your fans?

Josie: It’s a dream come true. I always get so excited and I always feel so honored to be able to do what I do.

Peyton: I feel really happy, every performance we do the crowd is always bouncin’ around and it’s always a really fun experience.

Chloe:  I always pray before every performance because when I get a little nervous and excited at the same time and I pray that I’d be able to inspire people and bring people to the Lord through my dancing. When I get on stage there’s just this feeling of excitement if feels like the whole performance is going in slow motion as were performing and then once the performance ends if feels like it went by so fast.

Does your fanbase have a name?

Peyton: Haha, not that I know of.

How do you want your relationship to be with your fans?

Josie: I want each fan to know that we are all real people and that we appreciate all of their support.

What social media platform do you use most to stay connected to your fans?

Josie: Instagram


Chloe: Instagram

Peyton: Definitely Instagram


FB: https://www.facebook.com/BrightOnesOfficial/

Instagram: brightones_

What was the craziest fan encounter you guys have had?

Peyton: A funny encounter was after we performed in Dallas for the Heaven Come conference. A lot of people came to take pictures which felt crazy. Someone even offered 20 bucks to me which was funny.

What’s an average day for “Bright Ones” look like?

Josie: An average “Bright Ones” day consists going from laughing super hard about something someone did, to dancing/acting/singing like our lives depend on it (sometimes). We usually hang out after rehearsals or we all go out to eat occasionally.

Peyton: Well it’s not much different from anyone else’s. I’ll usually finish school and just play music and hang out with friends.

Chloe: Rehearsals, training in choreography, music and team building

What goals have you guys set out for the group?

Peyton: I don’t have any specific hopes, but I hope we will still be making awesome music and videos.

Chloe: Bright Ones tour

Where do you guys hope the band is in 5 years?

Josie: I hope the group is thriving more than it ever has before, and I hope everyone in it at that
 time is having just as much fun as we all are.

Do you guys have any last things you want to tell your supporters?

Josie: Thank you so much for all the love and support that each and every one of you has given!

Peyton: Thank you so much for supporting us and listening to our music. I never thought I’d be doing this, especially at my age, and we wouldn’t be here without you guys.

Chloe: Thank You for all your love and support for Bright Ones!!!

Thank you guys for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer these questions.

Josie: Thank you.

Peyton: Thanks!

Chloe: Thanks so much.