July 19, 2024



Oh, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne are just the songwriting equivalent of peanut butter and jelly, aren’t they? A human salt and pepper. Yin and yang packaged in two perfectly-preened male bodies. It just works. So obviously – since they’re behind some of One Direction’s biggest bangers from Ready to Run to Spaces – the news they’ve just registered a new song called Adeline has left us all flamenco emoji.

Yep – LiLo have supposedly written said new jam with Tim Rice-Oxley off of Keane, and we’re…er…KEANE to hear it. Keane. Keen. Oh bloody hell give us something, yeah?


Now as we saw with the whole Iggy Azalea and Little Mix ‘collaboration’ debacle a screenshot from ASCAP (The American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers) ain’t always legit and/or the full story, but basically this new tune’s been registered on the site and the frontman off of the Somewhere Only We Know singers is involved too. Lovely.

Look, here’s said screengrab of said supposed song.



And obviously, ’cause our songwriting talents are enough to rival LiLo themselves (ahem), we thought we’d give it a bash ourselves. HERE WE GO.

You’re Madeline without the M,

And baby you know I ain’t interested in the other gyal dem.

Georgia Rose is a thing of the past, her dad ruined my nashers,

Your eyes remind me of the most perfectly-formed potato mashers.

Oooooh-ohhhh (repeat to fade)

Or something.

Inspired. What d’ya reckon, eh? Tweets @sugarscape would be lovely, please and a-thank you.


SOURCE: Sugarscape