June 17, 2024


It’s all a bit quiet on the One Direction front at the moment, and while we’re very much missing writing about the ins and outs of their lives every day, it’s good to know that they’re probably having a right lovely time drinking lots of cuppas and watching all the daytime telly.

But with the On The Road Again Tour just around the corner, it looks like Liam and Louis quite fancied having one last little holiday before they get back to work, and they’ve taken girlfriends Sophia Smith and Eleanor Calder on their jollies too.

Luigi and El were spotted arriving at LAX yesterday, and here’s a little snap to top up your Elournor feels.


After a gross 11 hour flight across the world, it’s no wonder El Tommo was looking a bit sleepy in his hoodie and beanie as they made their way through the airport, but bonus points to Eleanor who was still looking faboosh as ever.

How come her hair looks like that after nearly a whole day spent on a sweaty old plane? Ours doesn’t look that nice when we’ve spent two hours doing it. Sigh.


While we’re not too sure whether it’s a Sophiam/Elounor joint romantic trip, or if it’s just a bit of a coincidence that they’ve arrived together, Liam and Sophia weren’t too far behind as they touched down at the airport.

Joined by Payno’s big burly bodyguard Paddy, Sophiam weren’t too keen on getting spotted by the paps and were quickly ushered through looking well famous and important.

And here’s something that’ll make you melt a bit. They then had a little cuddle while they waited for a cab to arrive, and Liam was all protective with his arm around Sophia. BAH, too much.


Now they just need to give Harreh a call and get a triple date with Nadine sorted. Or maybe don’t do that, because we’d definitely cry.

With this lot over in LA (and Harry, because he basically lives there these days), and Niall hanging out over in Aus, we’ve only got Zayn hanging out at home at the moment. COME BACK 1D WE MISS YOU.

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SOURCE: Sugarscape