May 22, 2024

How long is the appropriate amount of time to mourn the departure of your favorite boy band member? A week? A month? Forever? Well, life goes on, and even though there’s a huge hole in their heart (and harmonies), the members of One Direction have manned up and gotten back in the studio.

But before that, they released their first-ever Zayn Malik-less group photo, less than two weeks after Zayn left the band.

And, well, they still look kind of sad. Really sad, actually. (Well, except Harry Styles, who kind of seems like he’s watching a hilarious Vine featuring a koala and a kitten.)

One Direction without ZaynModest Management

They’re turning those frowns upside-down by getting to work on the follow-up to 2014’s Four, which their new (also Zayn-less) band bio says will be released “later in the year.” In a series of tweets, Liam Payne said they were “so excited” to get down to writing new songs.


On Tuesday, he provided the biggest update, revealing that the guys are working with frequent collaborator Jamie Scott (“Story of My Life,” “Midnight Memories”) on songs.

source: MTV