June 17, 2024

This morning the biggest question every One Direction fan was asking was “Where is Zayn?”. There have been rumors that Zayn might be suffering from substance abuse, but Liam quickly denied the rumor. The guys said “Zayn caught a stomach bug and they found out he was sick right before boarding the plane. All the guys told Matt “They are disappointed that Zayn couldn’t attend this great concert, but that they were so happy to see all their fans up bright and early.” Liam also said “Zayn would give them a call when he is felling better. ” All Directioners hope he gets better sooner rather than later. Matt also asked the guys “Do you worry about not having enough time to enjoy life?” Liam answered by saying “They enjoy being on the road seeing there fans. When I have downtime, I get so bored because we are so hyper active these days.” If you want to see their amazing performance in Orlando and here the rest of their Q&As. Then go to: http://sharetv.com/watch/855467 to watch all the action! <3