June 17, 2024

Do you think Concerts are the best thing ever? I do! Well if you agree with me, then you’re in for a treat. 2015 is looking like a really good year for the music industry. There are many amazing artists planning headlining tours for their amazing fans. Every artist tries to make each tour better than the last for their fans that have supported them since the beginning. With this in mind, many people are so excited to see what these concerts have in store for them. One direction is having their forth tour and their last tour had at least 40,000 people a night going to see them perform. Taylor Swift is having her 3rd or 4th tour in 2015 as well with many of her Swiftiess attending it looks like its going to be her biggest tour yet. Also with Shawn Mendes fans attending as well, it will be even bigger than expected. 5 Seconds of Summer is having their first heading tour with all the fans they made from performing on One Direction’s Tour they should have a great outcome. With all these great performers heading out on tour in the new year, we should some really excited fans all around the world anticipating the day they get to see their favorite band or singer perform live for the first or fourth time.<3

Concerts 2015! 

Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour with opening act Shawn Mendes


One Direction On the Road Again 2015 Tour


5 Seconds of Summer Rock Off your Socks Tour


The Vamps Europe Tour



and so many more like Hunter Hayes, etc.